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    Trackmania DS

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 17, 2009

    Crazy physics based arcade-style racing comes to the DS, complete with the track editor! The game will have nearly everything from the PC versions like puzzle mode and time trial. Although it will not have ghost save data and wi-fi, it will have multi-card and download play.

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    Racing on a custom map
    Racing on a custom map
    Trackmania DS is the next installment in the Trackmania series. The game will feature 3 main game modes - race, puzzle, and challenge - it will have over 100 tracks and it will also come complete with a track editor featuring over 150 track design tiles. Despite the system's memory limitations, Firebrand has insisted that you will be able to save 60 custom maps. The PC versions have a variety of different environments, and this is not lost in Trackmania DS. Along with the usual stadium environment, Trackmania DS also comes with the rally and desert environments.

    The game also has a small set of unlockables from: tracks to car designs to track design tiles. These will be bought with coopers which are earned from getting bronze, silver, or gold medals. The time trial mode and ghost data save files will not be making the transition to the DS.


    Although not a graphical powerhouse, Trackmania DS runs at a solid 60 frames per second.


    Firebrand games have made it very clear that Trackmania DS will be a multiplayer-based game. It will feature single-card and multi-card races and have an online option to share tracks. Firebrand games have confirmed that there will not be online racing.


    Trackmania fans will be delighted to hear that puzzle mode is returning to the series. Puzzle mode is essentially an unfinished track that you have to complete. You do this by placing track pieces in the incomplete areas and then racing along them. You are limited to the track blocks you can use, making it a bit harder, and generally more like a puzzle mode.


    In race mode you can race some opponents on one of the many maps in the game.


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