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This version of TrackMania was released for free in 2006 to correlate with that years Electronic Sports World Cup and also to promote the sale of the other TrackMania games but is no longer available as it has been replaced by TrackMania Nations Forever. It is limited to the Stadium environment but featured over 100 single-player tracks along with a track editor which allowed for the creation of custom tracks, allowing the participants of ESWC to practice before the event. It was a download-only and there are no boxed copies of the game available.



The stadium mode is the only mode that has been released for free in the TrackMania Nations ESWC or TrackMania Nations Forever downloadable game. It is driven with a car that is a mix of a Formula-1 and a dirty buggy, which comes in a color scheme matching the flag of the country the player controlling it set as his/her home. The environment itself is featured in a football stadium which can be modified to have dirt or water areas and features two sub-modes: the primary one which is driven on  tracks which has boosts, jumps and that can be elevated above the track. It also has a dirt mode which is limited to staying on the ground and has no boosts. This creates a potential dynamic in the various tracks as the road provides good grip while the dirt track has the player sliding around tight corners. Because of this environment being featured in the free versions of TrackMania it is the prominent mode for online play and is featured in the majority of tracks and play-throughs found on the internet.

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