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TrackMania Sunrise is a direct sequel to TrackMania which features 3 new environments and an updated physics and graphics engine (which was later retrofitted to TrackMania as the TrackMania Original update). Sunrise also introduced new game modes along with the standard time attack like Platform, which had the player trying to complete a track with the least amounts of respawns and Crazy which is a challenge mode where the player races over a series of tracks each time against progressively tougher opponents. Graphically, it was much more detailed than its predecessor and featured a lot of collidable objects like lamp posts set alongside the tracks. The updated driving engine was more centered around speed and crazy driving than the controlled manouverability of the previous environments. Just like TrackMania, it had a map editor which could be used to create custom tracks, this time in varying times of the day including night, day, sunset and sunrise. The game was received as well as the original TrackMania so tracks made in one of the new environments is relatively rare.



Island is set in a tropical setting where you race above the water or small islands on tracks that spin you through loops and shoot you over great chasms. Your car is a fast racing car which accelerates incredibly fast and provides the most feeling of speed than any other environment in the TrackMania series. The tracks have few quick turns and lots of boosts that ensure that the speed is kept at maximum at all times.


In the bay environment, you drive a quick and responsive car around quick turns and through obstacles, weaving in and out of tight streets or boosting over the water to perform large jumps or go through loops. This environment feature docks, rooftops and streets that vary between long stretches and tight turns to always keep you on your toes.


The coast environment is set in the Mediterranean and is the most technically difficult mode in the TrackMania series. Too much speed can cause you to slide into the wall as you attempt a turn and the tight corners ensure that you always have to keep a balance between speed and control.

TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme

An update to the TrackMania Sunrise was released as a free update and a repackaging which contained Sunrise including the new updates. There were minor changes made to the gameplay and feel of the various modes and a new mode Stunt mode was included, where player would attempt to gather points by doing various tricks like flips and spins while driving on a track made specifically for that purpose.

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