E05 - Endurance

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So.. this is the last Stadium Solo black track. It's 60 laps (yes, sixty) around a ~1 minute track, so works out at about 1 hour (yes, one fucking hour for a trackmania race) total. The Nadeo time (1 hour 5 seconds) isn't impossible, since laptimes of 57 seconds are somewhat easy to sustain, but still, since everybody but Superman makes mistakes, it becomes an extremely intense catching up battle.

I just finished it for the first time. I was in the lead (vs. Nadeo time) for most of the time, had to catch up a few times (every time you make a moderate mistake you lose about 20-25 seconds, since the checkpoint placement is MEAN), but was still ahead 5 seconds or so when came lap 53. And I crashed. So I ended up losing 21 seconds to the nadeo time.

Anybody else finished it, or even tried to? Even though I lost to the Nadeo time in the end, it was probably one of the most intensive gaming hours I've played. I had played up to 40 laps or so without going crazy earlier, and will probably try to finish it under 1 hour in the coming days.

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Use official mode! Your name will be burned into history forever.
And then you can laugh as other people download your hour-long replay from the level selection menu. Oh, how you shall laugh...

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Holy shit. I have barely even touched the official tracks and is nowhere close to getting to the black tracks. A whole fucking hour. That sounds epic!

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I've never finished it, but well done! I've only ever managed about 45 laps before I crash and burn. It's such a nice track layout.

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