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so we can friend fellow giantbomber's, just need to watch out so that you don't hit the friend limit.

name: sharkmanexr

the in-game name to add people with is your login name.

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Username: Knetic

Or do you need the other name, like in-game Knetic2341, Knetic, one of those. idk.

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Username: SirDesmond

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Which one of you is that Snorlax jerk who keeps taking first place?

I'm ravenlight ingame

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lightsoda, we had a similar thing going for PSN, and one dude added me out of like, a few hundred.

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Pkshields. I know 0 people who own TM2, so my buddies is ready!

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All my other usernames were taken :(

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Username: BradBrains

Just got the game!

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im tamaster92 just got the game at the beginning of the week, loving it so far!

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I play on there as neonaoneo, always fun

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I picked up the game the other day, loving it so far! Shinboy in-game.

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