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It's relatively easy. On my end I would just have to run a different startup script. That's not a bad idea, unless people wanted to play Canyon on the weekends.

I wish Nadeo would combine the clients somehow. The current segregated model is ridiculous.

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You should add this song

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Personally (and selfishly), I'd rather see @karsh's server remain as the Stadium server. It definitely seems like it's been the more stable of the two, with more tracks and server side features that I like. I have more records on the Official server but the past few days I've barely been on it just cause of weird jank with it. Just simple stuff like voting on maps taking like 2-3 minutes to register and response time issues with pulling up the map list to jukebox sometimes. Custom music seemed to be down a lot on Official as well?

Though I'm not sure if that's because the hosting service Jeff went with for Official is kinda crap or if the same thing would happen on Unofficial if that were to become the single popular GB server as well. Not saying any of this to try to sound ungrateful or anything, even with the issues it's having it's still a fun server to play on and has introduced me to a ton of cool maps.

Also Karsh you should totally put 2 Fast (29906) on Unofficial, that'd be totally awesome.

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Official's host is kinda crappy by default, but they're especially crappy right now due to the current beta server software. It has a horrible memory leak (read: it bloats exponentially based on playercount until it reaches 4GB and crashes). Official is on a dedicated server host (, so they're hosting several virtualized servers which are all running into the same problems, so the problems escalate hilariously quickly.

When the music stops changing, that's because XAseco2, the server plugin that manages records and UI elements, has silently crashed. The host has been trying to implement a system that detects when it crashes, and instantly reboots it. But because of the current problems, this rarely works.

Unofficial runs better because it's hosted off of a VPS with guaranteed resources. I know exactly what I'm working with and I'm in complete control. The software still bloats after a while, but as long as I keep on top of rebooting processes, it stays stable.

I try to be transparent about these things because of all of the shitty problems you guys are running into on a daily basis. I really want to improve Official, but until Nadeo does something, I'm out of luck.

Guess I'll also mention that I haven't been as active lately because I've been really busy with classwork. I'm off on spring break next week so I'll be around a bit more often then.

I'll make a decision on switching Unofficial to Canyon by then. Right now, nobody really wants me to switch it over, but on the other hand, Unofficial stays empty a majority of the time anyways.. Maybe I'll swap it over for a test run midweek and switch it back for the weekend. I need HOT METRICS.

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I've been getting mad skill points on the GB servers, but wouldn't mind dipping back into Canyon if some other duders went that way. Community was totally dead last time I logged on Canyon (which was, coincidentally, right when Stadium came out). I liked the look and drift of the cars so i wouldn't mind the server moving around every now and then.

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personally i like the driftiness of canyon better, just wish there were some new tracks out that had those new trees because that one video made it look really fun.

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@karsh people really dont like the nadeo tracks, and not many people know how to que/juke the tracklist, anyway you can just remove the Nadeo tracks?

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As a new Trackmania player, just wanted to say thanks to Karsh for running the GB servers. I've been having a blast with TM over the past couple weeks. I tried Canyon for a little while, but none of the servers there satisfied my need for ridiculous dubstep. I had to go back to stadium to play on the GB server. I would definitely be interested in a GB canyon server.

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I'm still planning on swapping over to Canyon at some point. I'm overwhelmed with classwork at the moment, but it's almost spring break, and what better way to celebrate than.. uhh.. running a Canyon server? WOO SPRING BREAK

I've asked Jeff if he by chance has the old Official Classic Canyon tracklist, but he's at PAX so I'm not really expecting a response.

Re: Gladden, he frequents the server, but that streaming thing is actually something that anyone can do. In-game, if you roll over the top menubar and click the settings gear, one of the submenus in there lets you stream direct to your TwitchTV channel. If anybody is doing that, it will show that live eye icon in the server browser. Kinda neat, albeit obviously restricted compared to XSplit or any other streaming solution.

edit: Unofficial Classic is now a Canyon server! Featuring all of the tracks from the original Official Classic Canyon server, and more! Go drift and stuff.

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Man, my muscle memory for the Canyon physics is completely gone. Not surprising, but I still managed to run under 43.5 on Driftigh the first time I played it.

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This server has all but reaffirmed me of how much I suck at Trackmania.

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I'm having issues connecting to Giant Bomb Official Classic, is anyone else? I can connect to other servers fine, including Unofficial Classic.

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@stalefishies: Not sure, but I think official is a conyon server. But someone who knows better can confirm or deny that.

What's the process for getting new songs on the server? You guys should definitely get some tracks from that new kavinsky album. Perfect driving music:

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@dennisthemennis: Official is stadium, unofficial is canyon. Also I can connect now anyway, so it was just being weird. Open beta, I guess.

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@stevemax said:


Officials host is rather terrible so I assume that would have been the reason. :)


Ah I see Karsh, I lived in TM2 space when I first grabbed it and noticed he was constantly in there (w/ rank 1). One thing I kept seeing people saying was that the servers were generous with the points they get per race, which I thought implied that "the other racers are trash, I'll keep taking easy wins". I guess people think their global rankings mean something because I got bashed for having some inferior rank before or something. :(

I can guarantee you're above me in any and every Trackmania rank though, so enjoy that! Jerks will be dumb jerks.

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.. I'm an idiot and read that original post as "they're live on the official server" as in, they were live streaming. Ignore my dumb thing about streaming.

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Just a heads up: Map rotation is busted on the official server, it seems to only run official tracks by Nadeo. Should be fixed quickly as the server is nearly empty at peak hours now (10-15 players down from 50).

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Fixed. Sorry about that.

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Thanks! Amount of players is back to normal again it seems. :)

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Added some community tracks (keep posting them to the community thread!) and some highly-rated TMX tracks to Official Classic.

Unofficial Classic will remain on Canyon for now. It's not quite as popular as Unofficial, but that's to be expected as Canyon is practically dead.

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, been dealing with some personal crap. I'll try to be more active this week.

edit: also I'm working on a server status page. I'll post when it's available and probably link it on the servers somewhere.

edit 2: Server status page here! I may make it less awful some day.

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I have been banned from the Giant Bomb Official Classic server and I have no idea why? I can join other servers without any problems.

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Unbanned you a bunch of others. That happens sometimes.

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I have been banned from the Giant Bomb Official Classic server. Help @karsh.

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I'm a little confused. Stadium isn't out for another two days...? Also, the "you can only play one type of game per server" thing is as off-putting as the BF3 game-type shit. Damn. Also, when does Valley come out?

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@branthog said:

I'm a little confused. Stadium isn't out for another two days...? Also, the "you can only play one type of game per server" thing is as off-putting as the BF3 game-type shit. Damn. Also, when does Valley come out?

Stadium is supposed to be released alongside Shootmania Storm, but the beta has been available for a little over a month. Regarding environments, it's actually worse than BF3 gametypes--you have to purchase each environment separately and switch game clients to change between them. Valley may enter beta shortly after Stadium and Shootmania are released. Maybe. Perhaps.. Probably not.

Hopefully Nadeo will release updated server software this Wednesday that fixes the memory leak that's still plaguing both servers. And maybe the patch will get people playing again.

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Hey y'all, unless anyone has any major objections, I'll be taking down Unofficial Classic sometime this week. Official Classic will remain as long as Jeff decides to keep it topped off.

Interest in both games has severely dropped now that the open beta is over. I think most people are done with Trackmania until the Valley beta starts.

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I have been banned from the Giant Bomb Official Classic server again. Help @karsh.

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Is anyone still playing this? I'm dying to get some more Trackmania goodness in, but I'm not sure what to play at this point.

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Shame the server is down, the game was officially released the other day and no servers are filling my needs for dubstep and Cher.

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Made an account just to ask where the Stadium server went, I miss the sweet tracks (both physical and musical). I'm with Ratfoot, I'm craving a dose of crazy driving set to Daymanstep and Cher.

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So is Jeff or any other GB duders servers running for this? I tried searching for Giantbomb on the Trackmania Stadium server browser but it came up with nothing (I am in Europe though so is there any way of connecting to the US ones)?

Just had a go on it yesterday for the first time in a while and found myself playing it more today, seems like it could be one of those games I will play in the style of Fifa or Team Fortress 2 (as in when I get bored and can not be bothered to play something like Last of Us or you know, the big games that require you to think about stuff, then I put the likes of Fifa on just to have a couple of matches or whatever).

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Yeah, I think now would be a great time to get this server up and running again. I miss Star Wars Metallica.

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Jeff has Official Classic paid for through July 1st, dunno if he has it set to auto-renew.

The server has actually been running all this time. But it's on an older version, so it's not showing in the server browser. Updating it would involve having to reupload all of the configs and tracklists, so I'd need to talk to Jeff about it (I'd imagine he's a little pre-occupied with E3 and post-E3 stuff at the moment).

Also, Trackmania 2: Valley comes out soon. You bet your ass I'm going to run a server for it.

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Finally bought this today after playing the beta months ago. No server about though! :( Missing that fine, fine dubstep.

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Indeed, I have not been able to join the server. A shame as I really wanted to see what tracks Jeff thought were cool.

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I also got my Stadium on, bought the Steam version couple of days ago. This seems like it would also be fun to play with friends "local multiplayer" style, drinking a few beers and taking turns at the wheel.

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I'm considering switching the Valley server back to Stadium, if there's enough interest.

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Which has a bigger player base, Stadium or Canyon? Found a couple of Stadium servers in Europe with 40+ players, don't know about Canyon.

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Unofficial Classic is back up and running Stadium.

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Tested the waters of Unofficial Classic, tracks are good and music is excellent.

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