TrackMania 2 Stadium Server

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#401 Posted by Szlifier (1496 posts) -

@karsh: Dang, just when my 4 day weekend starts... But that's probably the right call. Lolmaps and GameZone must do for now.

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#402 Edited by VeryTallman (13 posts) -

Maybe the Mania can be come back for Father's Day weekend? Any other hot dads out there wanna drive a fast car and listen to dubstep with me??

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#403 Posted by VeryTallman (13 posts) -

Christmania this year? Any thoughts?

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#404 Posted by gamerkought (1 posts) -

Christmania this year? Any thoughts?

Yes please. I miss the GB Trackmania server!

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#405 Posted by Skytylz (4151 posts) -

man, holiday focused track mania servers would be sick. Even if it's just music

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#406 Edited by Karsh (204 posts) -

The VPS provider I've been using for 4+ years is closing their doors soon, so I was forced to migrated to a new host. Don't worry; the TrackMania database is safe.

As I discovered before, most TrackMania server mods are not prepared for PHP 7. Months later, that hasn't changed--they still haven't been ported to PHP 7. But there are some brave people that have created an XASECO2 port that may work on PHP 7. There's also a more modern fork, UASECO, that I had tried briefly and had some issues with. I don't remember what the problem was, but maybe it's fixed now and I'll move everything to UASECO?

I'm in no position to test right now. Perhaps soon. The server will be up sometime before the holidays. Maybe.

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#407 Posted by dgtlty (1243 posts) -

Thank you for keeping the dream alive.

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#408 Posted by monetarydread (2890 posts) -

I am doing the University thing until December, a holiday Trackmania binge sounds like a great time.

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#409 Posted by Turkeydipking (9 posts) -

I've been missing the Trackmania GB server so much lately, can't wait to hop on it again with everyone!

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#410 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Server's up for the weekend, to test stability. I'm not advertising it anywhere but here and the Discord. I make no guarantees of it staying past this weekend.

If all goes as planned, maybe it'll be up more permanently next week. With some fresh tracks and music. And a Discord plugin I may develop as a pet project, because the Discord-IRC-Trackmania thing is a total nightmare and I don't want to do that again.

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#411 Posted by stinger061 (480 posts) -

Fantastic to hear and thanks for all your work on it.

Don't play much Trackmania 2 these days as all the servers still running are way too serious/difficult

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#412 Posted by Szlifier (1496 posts) -

@karsh: Good timing cosidering Jeff's stream starts in an hour. It can't be a coincidence.


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#413 Posted by Leadcat (333 posts) -

Seeing Jeff play it on the stream reignited my interest for a server.

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#414 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Server's back up for testing, keeping it on the down-low. I want to make sure XAseco doesn't crash after a few hours (like it did during the Extra Life stream, and I wasn't awake to fix it! So sorry that happened, The Kids.)

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#416 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Maniaplanet 4 is here! And it's.. Kinda messed up! But that's okay, because I think it has enough features to eventually justify its messy launch. Maybe.

Anyways, the server has been updated! It's now kitted with UASECO, a much nicer server plugin forked from XASECO2. And every track has been rebuilt, to fix Maniaplanet 4's current issue of missing track pieces and messed up lighting. It took a rough night, but now it's, dare I say, better?? Except for the possibility that there is no longer an 'unlimited demo' of Stadium Time Attack mode? (I really can't tell what is offered for free anymore, Maniaplanet's new site is also a mess)

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#417 Edited by MjHealy (2009 posts) -

@karsh: I've been punching in the name of the server into the new godawful server browser, but it doesn't seem to be popping up? Your website says everything is up and running smoothly.

EDIT: Ah, ignore my belly aching - found it. Cheers Karsh.

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#418 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

@mjhealy: I think the new search doesn't strip formatting from names, so the fancy red/white 'giant bomb' is probably messing with things. Maybe search for 'unofficial classic' or look under USA -> Illinois.

The new browser is extremely bad. It's kinda ridiculous that you can't even view your favorite servers right now.

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#419 Posted by dc8822 (29 posts) -

Hey, the track: Ridder - 09 seems to be broken. When you go to land after the first jump, instead of hitting the ground, you just keep falling.

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#420 Edited by Karsh (204 posts) -

@dc8822: Deleted! Thanks for the heads up.

If anyone else finds broken tracks, feel free to report them here, or in the Discord!

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#421 Posted by dc8822 (29 posts) -

@karsh: Not a problem, thanks for taking care of it. Also, the track Snowburger appears to be broken because it's missing a section of track right before a loop making it impossible.

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#422 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Lagoon server is up! Look for Giant Bomb Rollercoaster Lagoon to play. More maps will be added as people make them (there are, as of this post, only 30 tracks on Mania-Exchange)

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#424 Posted by monetarydread (2890 posts) -

@karsh: Thanks, I am downloading the 1.1gig HD update right now. I can't wait to mess around with this.

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#425 Posted by DukeEdwardI (60 posts) -

Greetings! I'm pretty new to Trackmania and tried jumping into the GB Unofficial Classic server on Stadium and it just spat 'could not connect' errors at me. I am located in New Zealand, maybe I'm just too far? Or is this new maniaplanet update messing stuff up?

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#426 Edited by j913b (-7 posts) -

I just installed this and can't connect. Nevada here.

Servers up!

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#427 Posted by Karsh (204 posts) -

Hey guys, sorry about the Stadium trouble! It's fixed now.

(The Stadium server has been unreachable since Tuesday.. my bad! Both Stadium and Lagoon were on the same ports. Now they're not.)

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#428 Edited by AnotherPerson (17 posts) -
Loading Video...

I think the server needs a refresh of *CLASSIC DUBSTEP BANGERS* under the basis of new Trackmania, new jams.

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#429 Posted by ikilledthedj (450 posts) -

@dukeedwardi: you shouldn't have trouble in NZ - I'm in AUS and have no issues whenever I go for a spin.

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#431 Posted by Hardtarget (375 posts) -

aw man, all the Trackmania talk made me remember I own Canyon, but alas, no Canyon GB server to play on :(

Is Stadium basically the default these days?

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#432 Posted by Jimbot (146 posts) -

Man, these developers can't design UI to save their lives. Where the heck is the favorites list? Does it just not exist anymore?

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#433 Posted by YummyTreeSap (1220 posts) -

Oh cool, I didn't even know you still had the Stadium server up; I thought the Lagoon server fully replaced it. I... uh, don't think I like Lagoon very much. Probably going to go back to Stadium.

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#434 Posted by SoupNBread (19 posts) -
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#435 Posted by floydeo (453 posts) -

@jimbot said:

Man, these developers can't design UI to save their lives. Where the heck is the favorites list? Does it just not exist anymore?

In maniaplanet everything is favourite

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#436 Posted by infininja (872 posts) -

@floydeo: Ok but seriously, where is the favorites list?

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#437 Posted by Goetta (9 posts) -

Hey thanks for the Lagoon server, that version has really grown on me the more I have played it.

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#438 Posted by FreeTacos (57 posts) -

I'm pretty new to trackmania and have played on the giantbomb server (on both lagoon and stadium), but now I cant seems to really find it? Also as someone else asked, is there a way to favorite servers so I can easily go back to them?


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