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    A sub-series of Falcom's Legend of Heroes RPG franchise, known as the Kiseki series in Japan.

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    The Trails franchise, known as "Kiseki" in Japan, is a sub-series of Falcom's long running Legend of Heroes RPG franchise, which in turn began as an entry in the Dragon Slayer family of games. All of the Trails titles take place in the same world and are all interconnected in one form or another but the franchise is also segmented into several story arcs that are directly connected, usually focusing on one region and one group of characters. Each arc contains one continuous storyline but the characters from each arc sometimes make appearances in future games and the events of each arc have an impact on the overall plot of the franchise, making the whole series one giant ongoing story.

    Story Arcs

    Liberl Arc

    This arc follows the adventures of two adopted siblings, Estelle and Joshua Bright, on their quest to become fully-fledged Bracers as they travel through the kingdom of Liberl. Trails in the Sky the 3rd serves as an epilogue to the Liberl Arc and stars Kevin Graham and Ries Argent, a priest and squire from the Septian Church, who are trapped in an alternate dimension known as the Phantasma.

    Crossbell Arc

    An arc that takes place in the city-state of Crossbell where Lloyd Bannings, a fresh-faced detective, is assigned to a new unit known as the "Special Support Section" designed to help improve the police's relationship with the citizens.

    Erebonia Arc

    Set in the Erebonian Empire, this arc stars a military student named Rean Schwarzer that is enrolled in a special class known as "Class VII" which includes students from both the ruling nobility and commoners.

    Cold Steel III and IV begin a new duology that takes place several years after the previous installment where Rean is now working as an instructor for a new Class VII.

    Trails into Reverie serves as a transitional entry in the series where the story swaps between three different protagonists including Rean, Lloyd, and a mysterious figure only known as "C."

    Calvard Arc

    These games observe the shady dealings of Van Arkride, a "Spriggan" that takes on odd-jobs in The Republic of Calvard that can't be handled by more respectable organizations.



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