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The Trails franchise, known as "Kiseki" in Japan, is a sub-series of Falcom's long running Legend of Heroes RPG franchise, which in turn began as an entry in the Dragon Slayer family of games. All of the Trails titles take place in the same world and are all interconnected in one form or another but the franchise is also segmented into several story arcs that are directly connected, usually focusing on one region and one group of characters. Trails in the Sky follows two junior Bracers on their adventures in Liberl, Zero/Ao focuses on a team of police officers working in the country of Crossbell and finally Trails of Cold Steel is about a group of Erebonian military students. Each arc contains one continuous storyline but the characters from each arc sometimes make appearances in future games and the events of each arc have an impact on the overall plot of the franchise, making the whole series one giant ongoing story.

Story Arcs

Trails in the Sky

Zero/Ao no Kiseki

Trails of Cold Steel

Stand Alone Titles



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