Trakanon's Teeth

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    Trakanon's Teeth is a secluded section of the Emerald Jungle where the ruins of Sebilis can be found.

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    Trakanon's Teeth
    Trakanon's Teeth

    Trakanon's Teeth is separated from the rest of the Emerald Jungle by an enormous, ancient wall built by the Iksar over two thousand years before the Age of Turmoil. The wall acts as a first line of defense for the once great capital city of Sebilis that now lies in ruin deep within the region. This portion of the jungle is teaming with frogloks and undead Iksar that roam throughout the overgrown jungle. The entire area features remanants of the once glorious Iksar empire including an aqueduct that once brought fresh water to Sebilis. To the east, in the deepest part of the jungle, lies the entrance to Sebilis. While mostly destroyed, one can imagine the former beauty of the city from the intricate archways and the few statues that still stand. Beneath the exterior ruins, much of the inner city is still in tact, but entrance will require a key. In a nearby system of caves that served as a mausoleum for the Iksar of old, Emperor Ganak's ghost greets any and all visitors.

    Trakanon's Teeth
    Trakanon's Teeth

    Ganak was the great-grandson of Venril Sathir, the first emperor after the Iksar liberation, and after the death of Ganak's father Atrebe in a failed necromantic experiment, Ganak quickly assassinated his two older brothers in order to claim the throne for himself. Ganak took the throne during the height of the Iksar-Dragon wars of Kunark. He faced off against the Ring of Scale's leader, Jaled'Dar, in an epic aerial battle in what is now known as the Field of Bone. Both leaders perished in this battle, and the demoralized dragons retreated to Veehsan's Peak to rethink their plans. Not long after, the poisonous dragon known as Trakanon attacked Sebilis himself, destroying what was left of the Iksar Empire. The frogloks, who were slaves to the Iksar, now worship the undead dragon and defend the city with vigor. Emperor Ganak offers adventurers two tasks to complete. The shorter and easier of the two will grant one with a key to the inner depths of Sebilis in attempt to rid Ganak's city of Trakanon once and for all. Those with the ability to complete this task can accept a much more difficult quest from the emperor's ghost. This second task sends adventurers on a journey to collect medallions for each of the ancient Iksar tribes along with a tooth from Trakanon himself. The reward for this epic adventure is a key to Veeshan's Peak. Emperor Ganak seeks the demise of the dragons even in death.

    Neighboring Zones


    • The Forsaken
    • Frogloks of Kunark
    • Horde of Xalgoz
    • Truespirit
    • Venril Sathir


    Notable NPCs

    • Bloodeye
    • Champion Arlek
    • Champion Thenrin
    • Crusader Vragor
    • Crusader Zoglic
    • Cultist Geralissan
    • Cultist Ral'Arloshanis
    • Doom
    • Dragontail
    • Dreadlord Dekir
    • Dreadlord Fanrik
    • Emperor Ganak
    • Ffroaak
    • Flayhte
    • Froglok Forager
    • Froglok Hunter
    • Hangman
    • Harbinger Dronik
    • Kaiaren
    • Keeper Lasnik
    • Klok Denris
    • Pained Soul
    • Sigra
    • Silvermane
    • Squire Glik
    • Titail Sinok
    • Trakanasaurus Rex
    • Zhaoku

    Notable Items

    • Band of the Arisen Cultist
    • Blade of the Arisen Cultist
    • Ceremonial Iksar Chestplate
    • Ghostly Robes
    • Gleaming Short Sword
    • Grim Pauldrons
    • Hangman's Noose
    • Iksar Hide Mask
    • Knobbed Warclub
    • Korzanz Kit`ioukl
    • Lasnik's Staff
    • Meditative Blanket
    • Ropy Tendril
    • Sabertooth Amulet
    • Shield of the Arisen Cultist
    • Silken Cat-fur Girdle
    • Spectral Bow
    • Staff of the Arisen Cultist
    • Trakanasaur Hide Gloves
    • Trakanasaur Hide Leggings
    • Trakanasaur Hide Sleeves
    • Trakanasaur Hide Tunic
    • Trakanasaur's Tooth

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