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Not the teachnical darling it could have been.

 This really isn't much of a review as it is a small collection of of my observations of Transformers: WFC. I hvae not completed the game yet so there is a chance my opinions could change, but i don't think that will happen.  

So after playing through two Decepticon chapters and two Autobot chapters  (Playing on hard for achievements) i said to myself "how the fuck did this game get a 9/10" so i went and read their respective reviews from the sites who have rated this game anywhere above average. They  did so because they are transformer nerds, which is completely fine, but its not ok when you are giving a video game a high score because of that.  Not one of those reviews talked about how you would be faced with gears of war horde mode situation and be completely out of ammo. Or how your A.I teammates were always under foot when you were trying to dodge and strafe out of the way of incoming rockets, or how enemy A.I could take cover but you CAN'T WTF seriously.
The other huge problem i have with the game, which no one else brought up in any review i have read, is how the game moves you from these big open areas in too small closeted boss battles or horde mode type battles all the time, this happens a lot in the second autobot chapter.  At one point you need to free a Autobot from a cell and to do so you and your two teammates have to fight cloaking enemies along with large robotic spiders in two separate hallways that are barely large enough for you to and your team to fit in.  And once you are through that you will be back in these huge outside areas for some meaningless battles only to be funneled back in to a room for a boss battle or mini boss or just fighting through waves of drone Decepticon's in hallways barely big enough for you and your teammates so you can move on in the game. 
And then there are the controls, whoever thought clicking in the left stick to transform and to melee clicking in the right stick a was good idea is a idiot, the d-pad isn't used in anyway as far as i can tell when it could have easily been used for weapon switching, transforming, any number of things and then you could have had a proper default button layout.
With all that said i will continue to play it and finish it but this game is not the new high bar in third person robotic action games, its at best a average third person shooter that stokes those childhood nerd memories of the transformers and what they meant to us as kids.

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