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Full disclosure. I love me some Transformers!


Transforming feels goddamn awesome! The most important thing in a game about transformers would prolly be the transforming and it's executed wonderfully. At a press of a button you turn into a car, or a jet, or a tank or whatever it is your character turns into. It never got old changing into a vehicle to move somewhere faster and it's especially awesome when you use it in combat. For instance, ramming through a decepticon as a truck, launching off a ramp, transforming midair and blasting some other robots then jumping off a cliff back into a truck and zooming away.
The story is canon and great The story of the game is officially canon and it takes place prior to the autobots and decepticons coming to Earth. There's quite a few tie ins and a lot of cool explanations of why certain things are the way they are. Oh, and Starscream was originally an autobot.
There are two separate campaigns that flow perfectly into one another The first 5 chapters you play as the Decepticons and it pretty much follows the story of Megatron and his rise to power on Cybertron while the final 5 chapters follow Optimus prime and the autobots in their desperate struggle against the craziness that Megatron has wrought. They both have satisfying conclusions and surprising amounts of character.
Quality fanservice If you were a fan of the original Transformers cartoons and the movie, then there'll be a ton of little things that happen and are said that will make you smile. It's the little touches that really make the game shine such as Starscream and Megatron's relationship and quips from the supporting cast.
The graphics are great Cybertron looks and feels like a giant robot planet and the transformers themselves are mechanical yet feel alive. Little parts and gears and shit churn and move around on their bodies all the time and the transforming looks great. Game just looks pretty.
The voice acting is superb They again brought back the original guy who voiced Optimus and his voice is very distinct and badass in it's leader soundingness. Starscream's voice is another winner and soundwave has always sounded damn cool. Voice acting is really good.
What I've played of the multiplayer was really fun I haven't played too much multi but I'm gonna get some more in when I have time. There's 4 classes to choose from and a lvling/perk system that lets you do different things the more experience you get. Also, the entire game is playable co-op with up to 3 players so I'll definitely be doing that once someone else gets a copy.

The shooting in the game is good but nothing special It feels fine and there's nothing wrong with it but there isn't anything too special about it neither. Good fun.
The music was decent but I feel they could have done more Again, nothing wrong with the music, just with everything else feeling so damn Transformery I felt they could have done more.
It felt like there was just barely enough ammo to get by in a lot of sections Maybe I'm just blind and not seeing the ammo pickups but in a lot of situations I had to be uber conservative with my ammo and pick my shots carefully due to low ammo situations. Not a terrible thing but sometimes I felt like it wasn't done on purpose.

Nothing bad that I can remember Nope. Nothing I can think of that stands out as being a bad thing.

All in all, this game was great fun. I'm sure the co-op play will be great and I'll still dabble in the multiplayer stuff when I've got time. I didn't have low expectations or anything like that but this game really did exceed what expectations I had. It also came out of nowhere as I think the game was only announced like a month or two ago. A great surprise and fantastic game.



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