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    Used in the Unreal Tournament series of games. Shoot out the Receiver and you can teleport to it.

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    The Translocater is a portable teleportation device, and it appears in Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament III. By default the Translocater does not show up in deathmatch-based modes, but it can be added with an option. The primary fire shoots out a small disc, the Receiver. Unlike every other weapon in the game, primary fire is incapable of doing any damage to anyone. Secondary fire, which can only be triggered while the Receiver has been deployed, instantaneously teleports the user from wherever they are in the level to the exact location of the Receiver. 
    While this is incredibly useful all on its own, the Translocator can also be used as a makeshift weapon: if the user activates secondary fire while an enemy player is standing on their Reciever, they will telefrag the enemy and kill them instantly. However, this can also be turned back against them: if a placed Reciever is damaged by an enemy player before the user activates the secondary fire, the Translocator will malfunction and the teleporting player will be killed. In addition, if the player translocates while carying the enemy flag in capture the flag mode, the flag will be dropped.

    A common practice in a capture the flag based game is to capture the enemy flag, drop the Receiver in the enemy base, run the flag back to the home base and upon returning the flag, attempt to teleport back to the enemy base, and promptly die, because no one could possibly be stupid enough not to notice a glowing enemy Receiver inside their own base and damage it in the time it takes someone to return the flag.

    Because of perceived abuse of the Translocater in Unreal Tournament, the Translocater's use was unfortunately limited in sequels by forcing a recharge time and a limited magazine of five Receivers, one of the most unpopular changes in the franchise's entire history. Also, in some of the later editions, the Translocator could function as a camera, which allowed you to see the area surrounding the Receiver.


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