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A trash can is a large recepticle used for the temporary storage of waste, often before being collected and taken to a landfill. Garbage cans come in all shaped as sizes, from tiny wasted bins, to large aluminum cans, and even large, square dumpsters . Other common terms for a trash can include waste container, rubbish bin, dust bin, litter bin, dumpster, and rubbish barrel. Most homes across the world usually have a trash can to consolidate waste and keep it off of their floors. Many public facilities have waste containers as well, often marked, so that the area in which they are placed can stay as litter free as possible. Though they are easily accessible, many people still tend to litter.

Travis Touchdown often goes dumpster diving
Travis Touchdown often goes dumpster diving

In video games, Trash cans do not serve their tradition purpose. Relatively few games employ a mechanic for the disposal of trash. Rather, whenever trash cans are featured in video games, it is mostly for the purposes of weaponry or cover. As a weapon, players can bash their enemies over the head with trash cans of all sizes, most commonly large, silver waste containers. This is very popular in beat em up games. They can also be used as cover, as in many shooter games. Trash cans used for cover are often larger makes, such as dumpsters. In Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake can hide in either a trash barrel or a dumpster.

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