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House MD's favorite game I presume.

I bought this game because of the apparant addictive gameplay, good anime characters and story, and also my love for medical tv shows like House MD or ER. And I was not let down!

01 - STORY ||
You play as Dr. Derek Stiles (more like Stylus lol), a newbie doctor performing different surgeries using your NDS's stylus. A new disease called GUILT is spreading faster and only a hand-full of doctors with 'special habilities' (will.not.spoil.) can save us from it! And guess what? You (Derek) are one of them. || 9/10

02 - GAMEPLAY ||
This is what shines the most through-out the game. You will only use your stylus through the whole game simulation scalpels, syringes, stiches, etc... Anything you could ever think of. I don't know how to explain this very well but you use a little menu on the right to change your instrument and have to perform the surgery before the time runs out always focused on the patients' heart rate. It will be very and I mean VERY frustrating on later levels but hell, it's SO FUN! || 10/10

03 - SOUND ||
The sound was not that memorable though it fitted well in the game (specially some silence parts on the surgeries where you can only hear the heart beat). Sound effects were overall pretty good on the surgeries. || 8/10

04 - GRAPHICS ||
Again (this is like the 4rth review I make today and all the 4 games have this) this game has a mix of 2D and 3D elements. The story part will be in anime-like drawings and text while the surgeries are performed on a 3D body (should be more detailed in my opinion and more realistic, but then I reminded myself that kids will be playing this and that would not be a very good idea.) || 8/10

05 - LENGTH ||
Not too short and not too big. I finished in about 5 hours (the main story) and I probably played for more 6 or 7 hours to beat my record times and to play the hidden challenges. There's a lot to do here. || 9/10

06 - REPLAY? ||
Yes! This game is addictive as hell and you may be done with the story mode fast but the challenge never ends! || 9/10


Excelent addictive game.
Can't wait for the sequel and to buy the Wii remake!

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