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The Trauma Center series premiered in 2005 with the game 'Trauma Center: Under The Knife' for the Nintendo DS. The game was well received by critics and so, Atlus started making a new Trauma Center game every year. They however stopped putting out new titles in 2010. In 2015 they ported the last title, Trauma Team to the Wii U.

The basic concept of the Trauma Center series is simple: You're a surgeon who gets to perform surgery on people using either the DS stylus or the Wii remote. One of the reasons why the game was so well received is how well it took advantage of Nintendo's technology. Plus, there hadn't been many (if any) surgery-focused game before so, critics praised it for its originality as well.

Under the Knife/Second Opinion

In the Trauma Center Under the Knife and Second Opinion, you play as Derek Stiles, an up and coming young surgeon which possesses a gift known as 'The Healing Touch'. The Healing Touch involves drawing a star on your patient with the DS stylus or Wii pointer. Then, if you do it right, it provides the patient with MUCH stronger vitals. However, the Healing Touch can't be used all of the time and usually, you just use regular surgical tools such as lasers and scalpels.

The games takes place in the year 2018, at Hope Hospital, in Los Angeles. They start out as normal surgeons but eventually start working for Caduceus, an international medical research institution trying to stop the man-made virus 'GUILT'. The 4th game in the series (Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2) takes place in 2021.

New Blood

In Trauma Center: New Blood you play as Doctors Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blalock. Vaughn has the "Healing Touch" at the start of the game while Valerie Blalock learns it farther into the story. Both Characters play differently with the healing touch in play, with Vaughn having more time and Blalock getting higher vitals with her patients.

Trauma Center: New Blood takes place 7 years after Under the Knife 2. Valerie Blalock and Markus Vaughn are working at Mongomery Memorial in Alaska when the hospital shuts down and they are moved back to Concordia Medical Institute. They then work with several doctors to research and try to stop a mysterious parasitic strain known as STIGMA.


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