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    Traverse Town

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    Traverse Town is a haven for those who have had their world destroyed by the Heartless. The town acts as a central hub for Kingdom Hearts.

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    Traverse Town is populated by many people and including them are some shop owners and Final Fantasy characters. The moogle shop is there and Cid is always there ready to add some new parts to Kingdom Hearts's heroes's gummi ship. Aeris, Squall and Yuffie live in the town and this is the first location where Sora meets new people as he arrives there as soon as his world (Destiny Islands) is destroyed. This place also serves as a training level in the game Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Heartless started infesting Traverse Town once the worlds were connected and Sora will end all of this by finding the lock and sealing it with his keyblade.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D

    Traverse Town reappears in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance as the first of the worlds that Sora & Riku need to awaken in order to become Keyblade Masters. Five characters from the Square Enix game The World Ends With You appear in this version of the world and they are once again involved in the Reaper's Game (though with slightly different parameters then how it worked in the original game). This version also features new areas including some with graffiti that is a reference to areas of Shibuya in The World Ends With You.


    Field Theme (Kingdom Hearts Version) (Re:Chain of Memories Version)

    Battle Theme (Kingdom Hearts Version) (Re:Chain of Memories Version)


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