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Tree of Life is a sandbox survival MMORPG game set in a fantasy world. It is Korean developer OddOneGames' debut title and is co-published by NeoBricks. First released in May 2015 on Steam Early Access, Tree of Life spent over two years in early access before finally launching on August 17th 2017.

In Tree of Life, players collect various materials to build bases which they can share with other players. There is also a PvP system, different factions and enemy NPCs, allowing players to engage in basic combat gameplay.

Character Creation & Factions

Like many MMORPGs, Tree of Life offers players the option to create a customized character when starting the game. These options are mainly limited to sex (male or female), basic facial features (such as hairstyle, facial hair, eye colour) and skin colour.

Players are also given the choice of choosing one of three factions, listed below:

  • Bastards of Freedom - "A group of prisoners who bought freedom in exchange for their services in war..."
  • The Knights of Roses - "These loyal knights are sworn to find a cure for Audrey, their beloved princess..."
  • The Adventure Company - "These greedy bunch of adventurers, opportunists, and merchants sent a expedition to the continent..."


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