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    Trevor Chan's Capitalism II

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released December 2001

    Trevor Chan's Capitalism II is an in-depth business strategy game which covers almost every aspect of a real world business.

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    Capitalism 2 allows you to control everything from purchasing, importing, mining, manufacturing, marketing, retailing, research & development and more so you can create the mega-corporation of your dreams.


    The player has many options in Capitalism 2. He can buy or build almost any business and control many aspects of it. For example, he can build a farm, raise chickens and eggs and sell those to NPCs' supermarkets. Or he can build a supermarket and buy chickens and eggs from NPCs' farms. Or he can own both the farm


    the supermarket.

    Most businesses need a layout (abstracted as a 3x3 grid with links connecting the different parts like production, packaging, and sales) to start producing and selling products. Facilities are fairly generic and can produce multiple products (e.g. a single farm can product pork, chicken, and lamb, depending on the layout). Products can be sold to other businesses the player owns as well as to competitors. The player can also set his business to sell only to his own companies, thereby denying his competitors a supplier. This can be useful if the player has access to higher quality 'ingredients' (via research or good farm location) that he wants to deny his competitors. He can even force out his competitors if he controls a monopoly on a resource.

    Dozens of finished goods can be made from food stuffs (chicken, eggs, cakes, cookies, etc.) to electronics (TVs, radios, consoles, PCs) to automotive (motorcycles, cars) to cosmetic (perfume, eyeshadow) and more. Furthermore the intermediary products must also be supplied, so opening a grocery store is useless if there are no farms to supply it and similarly, farms are useless if there are no bakeries/supermarkets to purchase the produce/livestock.

    Goods are primarily judged on 3 criteria: quality, price, and brand. These three factors determine demand for the product and can be affected by R&D, price level and advertising consumer loyalty, respectively. Consequently, it is typically difficult to enter an established market without a better product and lower price.

    Adding to the gameplay, there are many other aspects of the business to consider:

    • Stock price: You can buy/sell stock of your own and other companies and subsequently merge with them
    • Advertising: You can advertise on radio, newspaper, and TV. You can buy media outlets and run them yourself
    • Condos: You can buy and build condos to earn rent money
    • R&D: You can build research and development centers, which are required to develop better quality goods. You can also buy/sell research levels with your competitors.
    • Worker experience: The more training and experience your workers have, the more output can be achieved
    • Resource limits: Each primary resource that you dig up (e.g. oil, ore, timber, etc.) has a finite amount and will run out, making that business useless. However, the game seems to always have at least 1 of each resource on the map
    • Multiple cities: Cities can ship things to each other but at a high cost. You can manage businesses in multiple cities. Brands don't cross cities, so it can be easier to penetrate a market in a different city.
    • Retail theme stores: Stores that are theme-specific (e.g. bed store, camera store, electronics store) are restricted in the types of items they sell (as opposed to department stores which can sell almost everything) but will attract more specific customers and cost less land and operating expense.
    • Brand labeling: Most retail products can be attached to a 'labeling' unit at their production facility, which associates the product with your brand (otherwise, the product is sold as a generic brand).

    Minimum System Requirements

    • Windows XP / Vista
    • 1.8 GHz processor
    • 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
    • 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
    • 2GB HDD
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard

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