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    tri-Crescendo Inc.

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    Former tri-Ace sound team, now a full-blown development house.

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    tri-Crescendo was founded in 1999 by former tri-Ace sound programmer Hiroya Hatsushiba, who still leads the company today.

    The company was set up to create the music for tri-Ace's games with Motoi Sakuraba, but turned into a full-fledged development house in 2001. tri-Crescendo's debut title as a full development studio was Baten Kaitos in 2003, for which Hiroya Hatsushiba and Monolith Soft's Yoshiharu Kuwabara created the battle system for. MonolithSoft also provided graphics and scenario work. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria in 2006 was tri-Ace's last game for which they provided the sound.

    Currently, the studio works as a support team for many companies, to highlight Bandai Namco and Nintendo.


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