Trials Evolution coming to web browsers

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#1 Posted by goatmilk (192 posts) -

During Ubisoft's E3 conference they announced they'd be bringing some games to browsers. They talked about Settlers Online (which I believe is already going) then ended with this:

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Finally I'll be able to fly into a fit of rage without needing a 360 nearby!

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#2 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

...will they be free? I'd be fine with a short advertisement in between levels if the games themselves cost nothing.

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#3 Posted by goatmilk (192 posts) -

Not sure. On further examination it appears it might not be on browsers. My net connection was buffering the conference a bit and I apparently missed some Trials footage before it said "games in your PC browser".

Thought it was a bit odd nobody else was talking about this. :(

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#4 Posted by Binman88 (3699 posts) -

I'd be more happy if they just released a normal PC version.

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