Awful mid-game grind

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Has anyone else had an issue with grinding out levels in the mid-game? I checked around on the reddit for the game, and it seems like everyone is having the same issue: completing all available levels and being unable to unlock the rest without grinding out contracts for an eternity. For most people it seems to happen around level 50-52, where the next stadium doesn't unlock until 58. I have at least a gold on every level up to this point, including most of the bonus games and As or A+s in all of the tutorials so far, so the only effective way to get exp is to grind certain contracts. Right now, the best contracts are about 2500 exp a pop, and its at 10000 exp a level, so I need to complete at least 24 of those to hit the level I need, which could take literally hours, and there's no guarantee this won't happen again in the next set of levels. The more common contracts are only 200-300 each, so I have been avoiding those all together. There are some that are worth more exp, like the stadium finals, but those are astronomically more difficult than any other part of the game so far, and losing on the second or third round means another long load time to return to the first heat, which is incredibly obnoxious.

This seems like a very blatant issue with the progression of the game that should have been spotted by the devs. I would point fingers at the shitty microtransactions but it seems you can't even spend your way out of the grind, either. Can anyone with the deluxe edition of the game vouch for this problem existing in that? Support on the reddit said they would pass the feedback along to the devs, so for now I guess I might just wait for a patch? So stupid to be locked out of the best content for a game I paid full price for.

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Man that sucks only played the first 2 hours of it but a grind wall in a trails game seems weird.

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Yeah I'm in the same boat. Seems like a huge issue that needs to be addressed in a patch, so I'm just playing other stuff in the meantime.

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I don't know if there's been a patch but I managed to get through the early and mid 50s in a short space of time today. There were at least 7 or so contracts I found that were set at 4000xp but ended up giving out close to 5000xp. Two were in the Uni levels - one was get a C without fault, took a matter of seconds to get there and hit finish level. A few of these might lessen the feel of the grind a bit?

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I didn’t think it was “awful” but I was certainly surprised when I finished all the tracks in an area and the stadium didn’t unlock. “Grinding” just consisted of doing contracts and getting gold on the tracks I didn’t get yet.

That said, I do not think they should level-lock the content in the game. It should just be tied to progression through the tracks, I feel. If you at least finish them all, the next stadium should unlock and beating that’s should unlock the next set of levels.

My number one complaint about the game (on PS4) is unacceptable lag at key parts of certain levels or after having the game running for a long time. This kind of game must not have slowdown.

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Hit that probably on Thursday night-ish

It definitely isn't great and it hurts the flow. But it also doesn't seem all that bad. Went from 50-58 in maybe three hours (a beastcast and change)

The key is to just do the challenges. Tattoo girl is usually worth 2-5k and most of those aren't too bad. Similarly,. this is around the time I managed to unlock the donkey and get enough uplay points for the ubisoft sponsor so those break things up a bit. And Red Bull makes me laugh just because of how little character and relevance those have ("Hold the gas the entire time and win. Yeah!")

For people just trying to get to the extremes and ninjas: Yeah, this fucking sucks

As someone who has always enjoyed the mediums and hards the most: I am perfectly happy to go do the mediums a few times and to get encouraged to dick around and do tricks rather than just find a perfect line

I do feel this grind would have been better once you unlock the hards (and I am sure the 60s are going to suck...). But for all the mistakes this game has made (way too many unskippable animations, loot boxes, horrible UI, stadium contracts not triggering, etc), this is background noise that will almost assuredly get tweaked within a week.

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I've heard this is a problem for a lot of people, but I think the most grinding I've done is like 5 or 6 contracts before I reach the next stadium tier. I also feel like I was doing contracts worth 5000+, but I can't remember for sure. Having to grind at all is kind of a bummer though.

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That's so weird, i haven't played the game yet but i love all the Trials games, didn't levels used to be gated by the number of medals you earned? What was wrong with that system? It made you replay levels to improve and progress, which is kind of the perfect system for a game like this.

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Pure speculation, but I suspect it is threefold

  1. Unless you are good, you aren't getting gold (or platinum) on every track anyway so you'd be going back anyway
  2. The idea is to encourage you to do the challenges to get better at the game or to learn about other aspects of it
  3. Most likely ubi will be using those challenges to run events and build this up as a service

It definitely needs some tweaking, but I think it mostly just sucks for people who didn't do challenges and now need to work their way up to the high value ones. Which, to be fair, is probably a lot of the more hardcore fans who have been playing since Evo or even earlier.

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Yeah, I'm 51 now with the next stadium unlocked at 58. Beat every track I can so far(not all gold medals, though). It kinda has me debating with myself on if I want to grind it out, or send the game back to Gamefly. I enjoy playing these games and seeing the tracks and getting through as many as I can. However, I don't really care at all about getting the best times on stages, or replaying stages I've already got through, so this really sucks.

EDIT: Kept going and I just hit 58, but I think I kinda hate this. I did some online multiplayer to grab the last few xp I needed, but that sucks too. I don't play Trials games to race against AI/online players, or complete stupid contracts that are all mostly do 7 backflips, do 6 frontflips, beat this dude's time, do some wheelies, etc.

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Yeah, the grind begins around 50-ish, because that is around where you start to need 10,000 XP to level up. I don't mind separating track progression from *medals* necessarily, but the XP curve they have grossly under-rewards good trials performance. E.g. a boring flip-the-bike contract being vastly more profitable than converting a gold medal into a plat medal (by hundreds of percent).

More to the point, the XP curve should be balanced such that if you are golding/platting tracks as a matter of course, that should in and of itself pay out enough XP to unlock subsequent tracks without needing to do *any contracts at all*.

For my part, it took... Well, its harder to say in Rising. I think the game-clock is different in this game, compared to the others. In any case, lets say it took 15 hours real-time to unlock the extreme tracks. Bearing in mind every track up to the extremes was goldable on the first attempt (not uncommon for people who have been fans of the franshise for a while), that means the *vast* majority of that 15 hours was spent *having* to do things that aren't what I play Trials for. Very, very tedious. Not at all to the game's benefit, nor mine.

For previous Trials games, I'd at times fire up a fresh profile, and see how quickly I could unlock and gold every track from scratch. I'm not a top-tier rider (not even *remotely), so it'd generally take me a couple of hours, say. The way Rising chose to pad things out sucks.

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@magimix: Yeah...that's pretty much my thoughts on it. Except I never got to see the extreme tracks this time since I rented the game. After beating the level 58 stadium, then beating the hard tracks that unlocked, I was again sitting at level 61/62 needing to grind contracts to unlock the level 68 stadium. Just didn't have it in me, so I sent it back to Gamefly. I've played since Evolution and enjoy seeing all the tracks, or as much as I can, but I just couldn't do this. I've played each Trials game less and less since Evolution, so maybe I just don't have the patience for it anymore. I might get back into Rising at some point, if/when it goes on sale or something.

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One thing that I found to help with the grind was to buy the Donkey and the pedal bike. These will give you different types of contracts which I find to be a bit easier than some of the others.

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