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    Triangle Strategy

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 04, 2022

    From the makers of Octopath Traveler, a tactical RPG with a branching narrative.

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    On the continent of Norzelia, three powers each control most of a resource: The Kingdom of Glenbrook with its mighty rivers has prosperous farmland and trade with the outside world. The Grand Duchy of Aesfrost, a frozen northern kingdom, holds most of the iron that Norzelia needs to craft tools and arms. To the east, the Holy State of Hyzante in the desert holds most of the salt that Norzelia uses. With each kingdom coveting the resources of the other two, Norzelia was locked in war for several years, in what became known as the Saltiron War.

    Eventually, a rich vein of minerals was discovered in Glenbrook territory. As everyone wished to unearth the mineral deposits, Aesforst and Hyzante reached a stalemate with Glenbrook, and the three nations formed the Norzelia Consortium, offering to trade resources and expertise to avoid further conflict. The game starts 30 years later, when Serenoa Wolffort of Glenbrook is about to marry Frederica Roselia of Aesfrost in hopes of strengthening the bonds between their two lands, but a discovery found in the newly opened mine threatens to plunge Norzelia back into war.


    Players must place the units they have on a map and use their abilities to defeat the enemies that come at them.

    The game has a unique feature in the "Conviction" system. During some cutscenes, Serenoa will be faced with a choice to respond with one of three lines of dialogue to demonstrate his Utility, Morality, or Liberty. An invisible tally of Serenoa's Conviction will be kept which may influence certain events in the game story, and which allies will be willing to join him later on. At certain inflection points, Serenoa will consult with his most trusted advisors on which path to take in the story, and have the chance to persuade his allies to vote one way or another before they place their coins in the Scales of Conviction.

    Outside of Battles and Convictions, some areas offer Serenoa a place for Exploration, where he can freely roam around an area and talk with the people there. This may offer him a chance to pick up loose items, gain knowledge that can be used to persuade during a voting phase, or even directly strengthen one of his own Convictions.


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