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    Tricky Towers

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 02, 2016

    Tricky Towers is a multiplayer, physics-based, tower-building puzzle game.

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    Tricky Towers is a physics-based tower-building game with single player challenges and both local and online multiplayer modes. In it, players use tetromino bricks to build their tower, while using magic spells to aid their own construction or disrupt the construction of their opponents.

    It is being developed by WeirdBeard, an Amsterdam-based independent game development studio, and is scheduled for an August 2016 release on PS4 & Steam.


    Single player

    Race trial

    In the race trials, the objective is to reach the finish line before the time runs out.

    Survival trial

    In the survival trials, the player has 3 lives and a set number of bricks. The objective is to place all bricks on the tower without losing all three lives.

    Puzzle trial

    In the puzzle trials, the player has a set number of bricks to place under a laser line. If a brick is placed (partially) above the line or a brick is dropped, the trial has been failed.

    Endless survival

    The player has three lives to stack as many bricks in a single tower as they can. This mode has a global and friends leaderboard.


    All multiplayer modes have an easy, normal & special mode. Easy is meant for beginning players, normal for more experienced players and special brings a twist to each game mode.

    In some multiplayer modes the player will receive 2 spells every time they reach a checkpoint; one light spell to help themselves, and one dark spell to direct at their opponents. A player can use only one, not both.


    First player to get to the finish wins. Race special takes place in stormy weather, so the player has to take care of strong winds taking down their tower.


    Every player has three lives, the first player to use all their bricks wins. Alternatively, the last player standing when no player has reached that goal wins. Survival special gives all players waves of dark spells to overcome at the same time.


    Every player gets the exact same bricks and base, the player that stacks the most bricks under the laser line wins. Puzzle special has all players start with a tiny base with holes in the sides, bricks need to be nudged in horizontally to widen the base to allow for more bricks to be placed.


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