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Tricky Towers Review

Ahh Another month of playstation plus and another free game, Whether you love it or hate it you must admit it has its charms. This month caught my eye with one of it's releases labelled Tricky towers. Now i'll admit when i saw the trailer i was not thrilled. It seemed like an average game with nothing really screaming must own about it but after playing it for awhile it seems to have its charms.

First let's get into the game itself. The game is a multiplayer tetris like tower stacking game where you and your opponents each compete to build a tower to reach the finish line, I know the concept alone doesn't sound amazing but hear me out when i say that it's surprisingly enjoyable. It's what i would label a dessert game, a game that does not have the filling feeling of a AAA game but is a nice treat. The type of game you play when you cannot be bothered to sit through cut scenes or learn complicated controls. It has a quick start up so you can play it quickly and then leave whenever. In this regards it does it's job quite well. I found myself enjoying the small sessions i played. The matchmaking is great and i never experienced any lag related problems or glitching while online which is more then i can say for some games.

Now while i do compliment the online aspect of the game i feel the single player felt a little lacking. Now don't get me wrong it has its fair share of features for offline play but at the same time none of these features felt like something i would play, It was a lot more enjoyable to just go into random games and compete. It loses its tension offline in a sense that I just don't feel competitive against a computer. I mean you cant brag to a computer so why bother trying? So the strongpoint of the game is clearly the multiplayer and i won't fault it for that. The game is being given away as a playstation plus game so faulting it for having a more enjoyable online aspect seems dumb to me.

The mechanics also work nicely in the game each fall and movement of the blocks feels polished and fluent not having any significant lag between the movements. This kept the game flowing nicely at a fast past. The ability to control the speeds of the falling blocks is also nice especially in online where you begin throwing random blocks at your tower at lightning speed just so you can grab a power up and hurt your opponent. This leads me to another thing the power ups. One of the things that really gets it away from just being called tetris with a face lift is the power ups. These power ups can range from passive to aggressive, some being used to help build your tower while others are used to hurt your opponents. I found this a fun feature that helped the quick tension the game would build.Leading to me Having to decide between slowing down an opponent or helping my chances of building.

Overall i was surprised by how much i enjoyed this game. While i don't see it as a must have game. It has that nice playstation plus feel, A good time waster game to play when you don't have time to sit down for a long period of time.

I give the game a 3.5/5


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