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    Trilby's Notes

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 26, 2006

    The third installment of Ben Croshaw's "Chzo Mythos" series and features the infamous cat burglar Trilby, as he proceeds to track down the cursed wooden idol, that contains the murderous soul of John DeFoe, at the secluded Welsh Hotel.

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    Trilby's Notes is chronologically second in the Chzo Mythos series but comes third because it ties together strings of information from "5 Days a Stranger" and the sequel "7 Days a Skeptic".


    Trilby, the gentleman thief who is now being employed by a secret government agency, has at last gotten on the trail of the haunted idol that was recovered from the remains of DeFoe Manor. Following the wooden idol to an antique conference on a small secluded island, Trilby suddenly discovers that the horrors of the DeFoe murders was only a piece of the puzzle. The cursed wood that was used to create the idol has traveled through centuries of history, followed closely by terrible and agonizing murders as well as an evil cult dedicated to pain and the so called "cleansing" of the human race.


    Trilby's Notes does not use the point and click interface found in 5 Days a Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic and instead ops for a free typing system. The puzzle aspect of the game is made much more intricate as Trilby must often travel between the two dimensions of the hotel, the normal hotel and the shadow hotel, in order to progress through the game.


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