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    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Jul 02, 2009

    Trine is a fantasy 2D side-scroller for PC and PlayStation 3 that lets you switch between three different characters to solve puzzles and find treasure.

    l33tfella_h's Trine (PC) review

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    Good Ol' Fashion Fun almost Perfect. I say almost because, despite the creative and inspirational mix of gameplay styles between the Wizard, the Thief and the Knight, depsite the lush visuals, despite the puzzles that are built to work so you almost always more than 1 way to find a way around it...there's one thing i ended.
    The great thing with Trine is, i almost immediately took a preference to the Thief (Fast, has a grappling hook, and is ranged...My Type <3 ), but i always found incentive to switch characters , and not just out of necessity. I liked figuring out solutions with the wizard's Building Blocks Style, and when fighting the enemies in the game, i couldn't pass up using the Knight's Charge Kick , or his giant Thunder Hammer to destroy all the skeletons that got in my way.
    There's not much i need or can really say about Trine, it's deep yet incredibly simplistic. The game will run you around 3-6 hours if you don't get too stumped with the puzzles (you shouldn't though), and for the price tag it's a very good purchase for anyone looking for an excellent Platformer.

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      Right from the get-go, Trine is the sort of game that knows what it is and isn't. It is a (predominantly) downloadable game, with a modest scope and healthy, but not particularly lengthy run time. In that regard, it's not particularly different from its contemporaries on services like Steam and XBLA. What it is not, however, is a game that should be scoffed at in most any regard whatsoever. While Trine is a game with a very specific mission in mind, one devoted to delivering satisfying combat an...

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