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Trinity Universe is JRPG that was made by Idea Factory in conjunction with Gust Corporation and Nippon Ichi Software. There are two story lines that you can choose from in the beginning, the Demon Dog King and Valkyrie Rizelea's story. Both stories will eventually intertwine and you will be able to defeat monsters with everyone.

Story is told through characters talking with each other as still images. The images are drawn so that they will move their mouth along with the speech and clothes and hair will sway as well.


In the Demon Dog King story you play as Kanata, a demon that was turned part dog because of a ritual that went bad. He wants to find a way to protect

Empyria from all the drifting objects with having to be turned into a Demon God Gem. He meets a lot of people along the way who help to fight through

dungeons with him.

Valkyrie Rizelea is a member of a Goddess Union that strives to keep peace and order in the universe. When she hears the Kanata did not become a Demon God Gem she goes out on a journey to get him to continue with the ritual. Like Kanata, Rizelea is able to find a lot of strong partners to help her fight.

Dungeons & Floating Objects

Empyria is surrounded by floating objects; some of these objects are harmless but from have a chance of crashing into Empyria. Throughout the game

objects will fly away and come towards Empyria, this will bring new events for the characters to take apart of as well as sometimes bringing new shops that

The Demon Dog King loves adventure!
The Demon Dog King loves adventure!

only show up once in a while. It is important to keep track of what kind of objects come into Empyria's orbit because rare event and shops may float by with powerful items that you would have to grind for normally.

Dungeons also will float around Empyria, there are story dungeons that will come at predetermined times in the game and you will have to travel to those and destroy their gravity cores. Destroying their gravity cores will take them out of Empyria's orbit and shoot them off into space, but they might be back another time. Other time a random dungeon might appear in orbit, this is a chance to find stronger monsters to battle and rare treasure to obtain. These optional dungeons won't be there forever so you will either have to quickly go through them or anchor them.

Anchors are useful items that will allow you to tie down drifting objects and dungeons so that they won't float away. So if you anchor a drifting dungeon you will be able to go through it as many times as you want before you take the anchor off.

Battle System

Use your combined power to take out foes.
Use your combined power to take out foes.

In a battle there are three options for attacks, Rush (Square), Mighty Blow (X), and Magical (Triangle). You can combine any three of these attacks but as you use them your AP meter will deplete. Your AP meter is will determine how many attacks you can pull off for that characters turn, once it reaches zero the turn will end automatically. If you have AP left over and you prematurely end your turn you will gain your regular amount of AP plus the leftover for the next turn, allowing more attacks. Also certain combinations of attacks will pull of special combos for big damage.

Before your turn ends you are able to tag another character. By tagging in a character you will have the chance to give them bonus stats for the fight and gain other bonuses. Attacking an enemy a lot with one character and then tag in a party member you can have the chance at a double team attack. If you continue this through all your turns you can perform a tag attack with every member of you party.

There are also special attacks for each character when you will up orbs that are around your AP meter. With two of these orbs you can unleash that characters ultimate attack which will end up in a cut scene of your team member doing ridiculous damage to the enemy.


Managraphs are painting that are put on your weapons to not only change the appearance of the weapon, but also add bonuses to it. Some enemies will be able to be defeat easily with the right managraphs, so they become a key part of the gameplay.


Equipping meteorites will add will give your character different bonuses depending not only on what type of meteorites you equip, but also where on the planetary ring you place them. Certain combinations can create planetary effects further boosting your characters stats.


Demon Dog King Kanata

As the main character of the Demon Dog King story Kanata is a central part to the story. His destiny is to become a Demon God Gem to protect Empyria but

Managraphs will give your weapons a fresh look.
Managraphs will give your weapons a fresh look.

he wants to save it his own way. He travels around with his friends destroying core in dungeons so that they don't hit Empyria. He love exploring and because of his sheltered lifestyle in a castle he is amazed by almost everything that the universe has to offer.

Valkyrie Rizelea

Riz is the main character of the Goddess story line; she is on a mission to make Kanata become a Demon God Gem so that he can protect Empyria. She has a strong sense of justice and will do anything it takes to keep peace in the universe.

Fox Spirit Tsubaki

Tsubaki is one of Kanata's many protectors. She helped Kanata escape the ritual that would turn him into a Demon God Gem. She is very protective of Kanata but she also has a very mysterious secret ambition.

Dark Hero Lucius

Though Lucius he is a regular human being and not a demon he aims to take the throne of the Netheruniverse. Though Lucius used to be a Hero of Light something happened to him and he turned into a Dark Hero.

Ghastly Inn Mascot Pamela

Pamela is a ghost that owns an inn on Empyria. She loves to scare other people at her inn and is always in a cheery mood no matter what the situation.

Alchemist Violet

Violet is a skilled alchemist who can create many things from items all over the Netheruniverse. She has the ability to quickly make friends with others and she is very social. Violet is also obsessed with carrots, every food item she cooks incorporates carrots in some way.

Galaxy Beauty Pirate Captain Etna

The defender of good in the universe.
The defender of good in the universe.

Enta from the Disgaea series makes an appearance in the game. She came to Empyria because she stole Flonne's spaceship so that she could find rare sweets, but she managed to lose the ship so she teamed up with Kanata to find a way off that space rock.

Universal Witch Girl Galaxy Flonne

Flonne is on a journey to, as usual, spread love throughout the world; but this time she is also looking for her spaceship which Etna stole. She teams up with Rizelea to accomplish this goal.

Low Income Worker Prinny

Prinnys are servants who are destined to serve demons; but it's not all bad since they get paid. Prinnys are debauched penguins who will explode when you throw them. Some Prinnys were taken with Etna when she stole Flonnes spaceship.

Treasure Hunter Recit

Recit is a space treasure hunter that loves the thrill of exploring, and finding new adventures. He is very loyal to his team mates but once they learn that he hates how his name sound like "receipt" they tease him about it. He can't stand it because most people just throw away receipts or don't even accept them.

Mana Graphic Artist Miyu

Miyu is a snow cat who strives to become the greatest Mana Graphic Artist in the universe. She has a very shy nature which lets people take advantage of her when paying for her work. Most people don't pay her for the hard work she does and that hurts her wallet even more because she is also trying to support her poor family on the other side of the universe. 


The music for Trinity Universe was composed and arranged by Kenji Kaneko and Daisuke Achiwa. Track listing:  
Disc One
  2. Trinity Universe Suite
  3. A Sympathise Effect
  4. Hearts On Fire
  5. Garden Of Air
  6. Ghost Ship
  7. Pirates Of The Space
  8. Delightfully
  9. Time And Space
  10. Modern Day
  12. Dance Of Honeybee
  13. Harmoniously
  14. Perilous Nation
  15. Winds Of March
  16. Dictator Of Scenery
  17. Triumphant Return
  18. Stroll Of Bee
  19. Masquerade Of Cathedral

Disc Two
  1. Go Vacationing
  2. Ship Of The Muscle
  3. Abandoned
  4. The Usual Quarrel
  5. Ancient Ruins
  6. No Plan
  7. A Well-Lighted
  8. Full Moon
  9. Cappuccino De Dia
  10. Beyond The Horizon
  11. Lagoon Tales
  12. Initializer
  13. Prismatic Mist
  14. Cook A Cock
  15. Trinity Of Grief
  16. Strained Dictator
  17. The Last Epilogue
  18. Beginning Of The End

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