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Unknown Classic

Trip World is really an unknown. Then again, when you aren't released in the America's, it's easy to be forgotten, just look at a good 75% of the Sega Master System's library. Trip World is another Sunsoft game that somehow managed to skip its own ceremony of greatness, much like Ufouria and Gimmick! and at some point, you have to feel sorry for the company. They brought out so many amazingly intricate games with console defining graphics only to be swept under the rug.

Trip World is a game quite obviously made for a younger crowd, for a portable system. The game can be beaten in an easy thirty minutes with barely a sweat raised. However, I feel like Trip World is kind of the antithesis in difficulty to its big brother Gimmick!

The games very much play the same, they very much both push the limits of the systems they are on and they are some of the most entertaining experiences for their systems. The difference being, you may be able to actually appreciate Trip World's brilliance due to the level of difficulty, as opposed to Gimmick! This is a game you have to pick up if you're young at heart with little time on your hands.

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