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    Dante's Love interest in the first Devil May Cry and a recurring character throughout the series.

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    Trish comes to Devil May Cry to seek the help of Dante in defeating Mundus, who is attempting to overtake the human world. It is later revealed that Trish was created by Mundus to lure Dante to the Underworld to kill him. Trish's attempts to kill Dante fail, but when her life is endangered, Dante chooses to save her because she resembles his mother, Eva. Due to her failure, Mundus captures Trish and plans to kill her. When Dante confronts Mundus, he distracts Dante by showing him Trish who is held captive. Mundus injures Dante and tries to kill him, but Trish shoves Dante aside and takes the blow instead. After battling Mundus, Dante leaves his mother's amulet and the Sparda sword with Trish as a headstone, believing that she is dead. When Mundus reappears to take out Dante, Trish teleports to their location to give Dante her powers to help him defeat Mundus. Once Mundus has been defeated, Trish and Dante escape the island together. Afterward, it is heavily implied that Trish and Dante work together as partners.

    In Devil May Cry 4, Trish takes the Sparda sword and goes to Fortuna. In order to gain access into the Order of the Sword, Trish gives the sword to the Order and disguises herself, going under the name of "Gloria." Trish later drops her disguise and helps evacuate the citizens of Fortuna while Dante fights 'The Savior'. In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Trish becomes a non-canon playable character, alongside Lady, during Dante's portion of the story.

    Other Appearances

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    In the PlayStation 2 version of Viewtiful Joe, the "Dante & Trish" story mode can be unlocked, where Dante is out on a date with Trish at the movies before they are both taken into Movieland and Dante goes to save her. The same animations used for Joe and Silvia are replaced by Dante and Trish in the cut scenes. Trish's dialogue usually consists of random, reversed lines taken from Silvia's voice actor. Trish also makes an appearance in the PSP version of Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, and is a fully playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 alongside series lead Dante.


    In the ending of the first novel, it is implied that it picks up where the first game begins, and has a brief mention of Trish's entrance. "A beautiful woman sped toward the office on a sleek motorcycle, cutting a path through the night. Her silky golden hair trailed through the air behind her." In the second novel, Dante arrives in a parallel world where Trish appears commanding an army of female warriors fighting for Mundus. Dante and Trish battle it out, and Dante ends up killing Trish. Both novels are now considered to be non-canon.

    Weapons & Abilities

    Trish fights using a combination of hand-to-hand combat and the element of electricity. Trish seems to have the ability to teleport using electricity from one location to another. After the first game, Trish uses Luce and Ombra and the Sparda sword. In Devil May Cry 2, she has the ability to devil trigger, which gives her the ability to fly. In her disguise as Gloria, she uses two small blades, each able to fold in on itself.

    Voice Actors

    • Sarah Lafleur - Devil May Cry
    • Danielle Burgio - Devil May Cry 4
    • Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese) and Luci Christian (English) - Devil May Cry: The Animated Series


    • Trish is loosely based on Beatrice Portinari of Dante Alighieri's poem, The Divine Comedy.
    • Players can unlock Trish as a playable character in Devil May Cry 2.

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