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    Trishka Novak

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A foul-mouthed member of your crew in Bulletstorm, with a "dark past." She has been known to make death threats upon male genitalia.

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    Personal Info

    • Name: Trishka "Lovely Bitter" Novak
    • Age: 18
    • Height: 5'5
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland
    • Job: Trained Killer
    • Military Experience: Final Echo, 4 years
    • Specialty: Silent and merciless stealth assassin
    • Regrets: Inability to prevent her dad's murder


    Trishka Novak is a main character in Bulletstorm. She teams up with Grayson and Ishi to escape Stygia. She's tough as nails and at first, does not wish to team up with Grayson but the circumstances force her to. Her character arc starts as a badass and ends in the same way. The game focuses on her relationship with Grayson, whom she hates as the game goes on, blaming him for her current predicament (which is justified).

    Trishka was part of elite squad Final Echo. Her squadron was the best of the best and she helped train some of Serrano's top men. She joined the army in part because of her father's death, who was in fact killed by Grayson who had been manipulated by Sarrano. This makes her want to kill Grayson but decides instead to go and kill Serrano, who thinks she's hot "fiddling" his balls as he waits her arrival.

    Despite the fact that Grayson killed her father, Trishka ends up forgiving him and she becomes his only friend, vowing to help him take down Serrano.


    • Trishka Novak is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who has also voiced multiple characters in cartoons such as Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
    • She is famous for menacing to "kill your dick", a line so ridiculous that even Grayson didn't understand the meaning.

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