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Overview & Story

Tristam is a "treasure hunter" that uses a combination of shurikens and explosives to fight through dungeons and make his fortune with the treasures found within. He promises to assist Benjamin through the first major dungeon, the Bone Dungeon, after Benjamin tells him that he is searching for an Elixir to cure Kaeli of her poison. During the dungeon he shows Benjamin how to use explosives to uncover doors and hands over his supply.

After defeating Flamerous Rex, the first of the Vile Four and the elemental lord of Earth, Tristam finds the Elixir and gives it to Benjamin, then takes off with the rest of the treasure (including the very powerful Dragon Claw weapon).

Later, Tristam helps Benjamin out in Fireburg with a special skeleton key that is necessary to continue the story.

Finally, Benjamin meets Tristam for the (second-to) last time after Reuben falls off the Rope Bridge. Tristam assists Benjamin until they reach the Giant Tree, at which point Tristam suggests Benjamin recruit the nature-savvy Kaeli to communicate with the large sentient plant and takes off with Phoebe's uncle Spencer for another treasure hunt, but not before handing over his beloved Dragon Claw weapon to help Benjamin out one last time.

Tristam appears for the final time as a stowaway on Benjamin's ship, as he sets sail off into the sunset during the game's ending. He claims there'll be a lot more treasure where Benjamin's going.

Tristam is notable for his boisterous leitmotif, which plays whenever he appears. This, combined with his single-minded avariciousness, makes him something of a comic relief character. The character is named Lock in Japan, suggesting a link to Locke Cole of Final Fantasy VI, also a self-proclaimed treasure hunter. The game's developer has stated that this is a coincidence.

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