Tron Legacy soundtrack release by Disney

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 Here is my original source
Check it out !
... if this counts as youtube spam i apologize i cant really describe it any further.
Edit: I'm sorry these are daft punks additions

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Don't worry this is not spam.  Also, I saw these tracks before you posted them, but good find anyways as they are pretty much new for everyone.  There is only about 2 new tracks from the current 6, and I feel like they are not the original versions as I hear looping and some awkward transitions, but overall they sound real good.

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I like the ending of the first track.
these cant be full songs.... can they?

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Man, I wish Daft Punk would release an actual new album...  These songs were composed and mixed really well and all, but it's not exactly listening music.

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Does anyone else think the Daft Punk music for Tron should have been what the soundtrack of Mass Effect 2 was? It has all the awesome electronic aspects of Mass Effect 1's soundtrack with the tension and intensity required of the score in the second. 

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