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    Tropico 3

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 20, 2009

    EL PRESIDENTÉ! In Tropico 3, you play as a dictator on a Caribbean island trying to become as wealthy and successful as possible.

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    Tropico 3 takes place at the height of the Cold War. The player acts as "El Presidente," a leader who has seized power by less than moral means. Choose whether or not you want to be an immoral tyrant, using military might and a corrupt hand to maintain power or be a father to your people and lead them into prosperity. No matter what you choose, you will still have to defend your decisions. For instance, you can intimidate political opponents, or hold speeches to rally your people behind you. As leader, you will have to deal with rebellion within your country and the influence of foreign powers without such as the USA and Communist Russia.


    Character creation
    Character creation

    At the beginning, the player may choose from a list of available real-world dictators or may opt to create his own custom dictator. A character creation system allows for the player to make the dictator unique. In addition to crafting the more superficial aspects of the dictator, the player is also given a list of traits from which to choose for a more substantial level of gameplay customization. These traits center around the background of the dictator (before dictating, of course) and will have an affect on the reaction of the populace to the dictator. Some traits will allows the player a level of privilege which may make it easier to accomplish certain tasks. The player then selects a pair of flaws and a pair of strengths which further affect the procession of gameplay providing your dictator with bonuses or, in the case of flaws, penalties which remain for the entire game.

    Your landmass is also customizable before beginning play. Choose the size and shape of your landmass among some other properties before beginning play.


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    The game is played from a "god's-eye view" although your dictator will also be roaming around the land where you may directly interact with and influence the events on the ground. The bulk of your other interactions in the world come in the forms of placing structures and examining civilians. Examining civilians allows you to assess their needs while placing structures will allow you to meet the needs and those of the general populace. As with SimCity, there is a balance here as building some structures will create a need for others creating a constant push and pull as the player tries to balance earning money with meeting the needs of individual citizens and the society as a whole.

    Policy is an important tool the dictator may use to preserve and grow his power. You are in control of a number of options such as tax rate and propaganda policies. This aspect, too, employs an element of balance as you must assert and maintain power without angering your citizens enough to incite an uprising. You may choose to keep your cruel tendencies in check, but perhaps you will simply opt to eliminate targets who are threatening to your maintaining control. Regardless of your methods, it is imperative to prevent an overthrow as this event will end the game.

    Certain buildings must be built before others can, if you want to earn money from tourism then first you need an airport or tourist dock to get the tourists, and only then can you buy/place buildings from the attractions and accommodations sections. Some buildings require electricity so you need to build a power plant and then build buildings within it's electricity field, or build electric substations to extend the field.

    As with any dictatorship, election time allows you to show your true colors. You may choose to allow the elections to proceed as they will and hope for victory, or you may choose to rig them in some way. Election time means speeches, and you will have freedom to craft yours to deliver whatever message you want to sway your people.

    You may choose to experience the game's 15 story missions or to instead play around in a sandbox dictatorship with no "win" conditions whatsoever.


    • Capitalists - Influence the relationships with the US. Capitalists desire wealth and prosperity.
    • Communists - Influence the relationship with the USSR. They represent the interests of the workers and usually are one of the largest factions on the island. A wide economic disparity will have a negative impact on their approval.
    • Intellectuals - They may not encompass a large portion of the population, but they will be the most educated. Being displeased with the conditions on the island or your decisions will cause them to leave permanently. They value liberty, democracy and education.
    • Religious - This group is large on Tropico, and it is important that they are kept happy. Churches and Cathedrals are necessary to keep them happy, and an shady or corrupt actions will cause them to lose respect for you quickly.
    • Militarists - They hold in their hands most of the firepower on the island. For this reason alone, it is important that you listen to their demands and keep their happiness level high. A military coup is the inevitable outcome of an unhappy Militarist faction.
    • Environmentalists - A small faction that campaigns for the beauty and environment on the island. Pollution and factories are a major concern of theirs.
    • Nationalists - Viva la Tropico! This faction puts Tropico's purity above anything else and will oppose the influx of foreigners to the island. This also faction generally opposes democracy and prefers you to rule unquestioned.

    Buildings & Edicts



    • Shacks (You can not build these, they show up when there is not enough housing)
    • Shanty - Cheapest form of living. Lowest quality of life. Do you really want to upset the citizens of your island?
    • Bunkhouse
    • Country House
    • Tenement
    • Apartment Block - This is the basic building of choice which maximizes cost with a higher quality of life.
    • Condonium
    • House
    • Mansion

    Farm & Mines

    • Farm - Tobacco, Sugar, Banana, Pineapple, Papaya, Corn
    • Ranch
    • Fisherman's Wharf
    • Logging Camp
    • Mine - Exploit the mineral reserves on the island.
    • Oil Well


    • Lumber Mill
    • Cigar Factory - Take your island's tobacco and turn it into Cigar's which are much more valuable than the raw material.
    • Rum Distillery - Sugar farms supply this industrial building.
    • Jewelry Factory
    • Furniture Factory - Take your logging resources that have been milled in your Lumber Mill, creating an export that can make your island a lot of money.
    • Cannery - Tin your fruit crops for export.
    • Oil Refinery - Exploit oil reserves that lay off the coast of the island. Also any oil that is taken from oil wells on the island will be sent here to be refined and sold for a significant increase of money.


    • Bungalow
    • Motel
    • Hotel
    • Beach Villa
    • Luxury Hotel
    • Skyscraper Hotel - Only one can be built on Tropico and requires a substantial amount of power.


    • Tour Office
    • Souvenir Shop
    • Beach Site
    • Scenic Outlook
    • Ethnic Enclave
    • Pool
    • Spa
    • Botanical Garden
    • Zoo


    • Pub
    • Restaurant
    • Gourmet Restaurant
    • Childhood Museum
    • Casino
    • Night Club
    • Caberet
    • Movie Theater
    • Sports Complex


    • Road
    • Garage
    • Dock
    • Tourist Dock
    • Airport
    • Power Plant
    • Electric Substation
    • Teamster's Office
    • Construction Office


    • Immigration Office
    • Diplomatic Ministry
    • Bank
    • Police Station
    • Prison
    • Guard Station
    • Armory
    • Army Base
    • Decorations
    • Statues

    Human Services

    • High School
    • College
    • Clinic
    • Hospital
    • Marketplace
    • TV Station
    • Radio Station
    • Church
    • Catheral
    • Newspaper



    • Prohibition - Alcohol is banned in your tropical island. A boost of respect from the religious sect, but at what financial cost?
    • Literacy Program - A program introduced to help make the speed at which citizens learn faster.
    • Contraception Ban - All forms of contraception are banned increasing the birth rate on your island. The religious sect certainly are pleased.
    • Anti-Litter Ordnance - Your island will be cleaner, but it will affect your overall liberty.
    • Sensitivity Training - Police and military buildings have less of an impact on liberty.
    • Bribe Faction Leaders - Increases the effect of the target and his or her family.
    • Wiretapping - Allows the secret police to catch wind of subversive plots quicker, giving you more time to "rectify" the situation at hand.
    • Same Sex Marriages - The intellectuals will certainly appreciate this progressive move, but the religious will have some serious problems with this.
    • Social Security - The people of your island are taken care of financially even in retirement.
    • Food for the People - People are given access to the food resources of your island, effectively doubling the amount of food they eat. Your Tropicans will be pleased, but it will affect the amount of farms and ranches that are needed to supply enough food for the island.

    Foreign Policy

    • Nuclear Testing - You allow the US to test their nukes nearby your island. The huge mushroom cloud close-by will certainly have an effect on your islanders. $10,000 is added to your treasury.
    • Humanitarian Aid - An aid camp is built that will help feed and care for your citizens for five years. The Nationalists detest foreign intrusion.
    • Praise US - You praise the US to gain political respect. Nationalists dislike this.
    • US Development Aid - Permanent 50% discount of the cost of an airport and power plants.
    • Trade Mission (US) - A trade delegation is received from the US, and a random benefit is obtained after two months.
    • Alliance With US - You fully align with the US, cutting all relations to the USSR. A US military base will be built on your island helping protect you against any USSR backlash. There is a permanent reduction of respect from the Nationalists.
    • Praise USSR - You praise the USSR to gain political respect. Nationalists dislike this.
    • USSR Development Aid - Permanent 50% discount on the cost of tenements and apartments.
    • Trade Mission (USSR) - A trade delegation is received from the USSR, and a random benefit is received after two months.
    • Alliance With the USSR - You fully align with the USSR, cutting all relations to the US. A USSR military base will be built on your island helping protect you against any US backlash. There is a permanent reduction of respect from the Nationalists.


    • Industry Ad Campaign - Raises prices of exported goods for three years.
    • Pollution Standards - Improved standing with the Environmentalist faction. Reduces factory pollution while increasing factory costs.
    • Tourism Ad Campaign - Increases tourism for three years.
    • The Headliner - A headline tour comes to your island, increasing US relations for three years. Increases tourism and entertainment.
    • Tax Cut - Gives a tax break for all of the citizens on your island. An immediate approval ratings boost is increased.
    • Geographic TV Special - Increases tourism, increases respect of all citizens for three years. Increases eco-tourism.
    • Spring Break Package - Gives a boost to your tourism rating, increasing the amount of tourists that visit your island.
    • Mardi Gras - Boosts tourism and entertainment rating for three years. Increases crime.
    • Pan-Caribbean Games - The Pan-Caribbean Games are hosted by your island. Boosts tourism and entertainment rating for three years.
    • Building Permit - Construction costs are increased by 10%, but this extra amount is deposited in your Swiss Bank Account.

    Domestic Policy

    • Early Elections - Allow your citizens to have early elections. They will be held in one year.
    • Inquisition - Bring back the Spanish legacy. Reduces the risk of protests and uprisings, but causes more rebels to be created. Both liberty and tourism will be decreased, but the whole of your island will become more religious.
    • Book BBQ - All books you deem dangerous will be burned. The Intellectual faction's favor will decrease greatly and the speed at which your students learn are decreased by 50%.
    • Martial Law - No one would dare disagree with you, and you disallow any elections to be held. Crime, production, tourism, and liberty are all significantly decreased. Rebel uprising is inevitable.
    • Secret Police - Convert any one building into a headquarters for the Secret Police. Reduces the risk of any rebellious activities.
    • Military Modernization - Improves efficiency of, standard of living, and health care for all soldiers on the island.
    • Conscription - People without a High School degree are allowed to join your islands military. They will perform worse in battle. Emigration increases along with rebellious activity.
    • Papal Visit - A visit from the Pope is scheduled and the respect of everyone is raised, with a substantial boost from the Religious faction. The service quality of all Churches and Cathedrals are increased for three years.
    • Off to Florida! - Ships all prisoners to the US, angering them in the process.
    • Amnesty - Gives all rebels the chance to return to their lives pre-rebellion. The one prerequisite being their happiness rating must have increased substantially for this edict to be effective.


    • Tropico 3 was published by Kalypso who acquired the IP from Take Two.
    • The Steam Special Edition of the game hosts two additional maps, two additional El Presidente costumes, and two additional accessories for El Presidente.

    Tropico 3 Features

    • 15 mission campaign
    • Avatar functions - you can either create an avatar to walk around your island as "El Presidente," or choose from an existing list of people
    • Latin soundtrack
    • Different business sectors - tourism, farming, tobacco, alcohol and others
    • Random map generator
    • Various means of influence such as speeches, edicts, and other darker means...
    • A timeline editor that allows for altering your nation's written history
    • Online functions, such as high scores

    PC System Requirements

    • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: CPU with 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB Available HDD Space
    • Video Card: 128 MB 3D Graphic Card with Shader Model 3.0 support
    • Sound Card: 16-bit Sound Card
    • DirectX® Version: DirectX® 9.0c

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