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For all the fans of this game who have been waiting as impatiently as i have for this island paradise/dictatorship sim game can now get a taste of whats to come! I have included a link to the demo HERE, but if you want to just google "Tropico 3 Demo" you will find other sites. It's a 1.1 GB download so it will take a couple minuets to finish. I'm at 3% right now myself and just though i would share the news for all interested parties.
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I have the demo on my HDD and have yet to install it.

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Never played a Tropico game in my life so this demo will be my first experience with the series.

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As Brad would say, “It’s mad Tropico”

I think, overall, it is a step forward.   I like the advances in graphics and the avatar.   The ability to adjust wages and prices for an entire sector is convenient.   Before, by contrast,  you had to go to each individual building and adjust them.  

On the negative side it is even tougher to navigate and use the almanac (didn’t know that was possible).   And it seems that there is a lot less catchy music.

But since this is a demo I hold out hope that these issues will be resolved.  

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Yeah, I tried it out a couple of days ago, and I must say that while there are a lot of things I like, there are enough issues with it that I don't think I'm really all that interested in investing a serious amount of time into the full version. 
Basically, I agree with @Monkeygb21's assessment. Graphically the game is much improved and the stuff with your avatar is cool, but there are definitely some issues with managing all of the menus and data. It just doesn't seem like that stuff is nearly as polished, well presented, and easy to navigate as it needs to be.

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hurrah. been waiting for this. Tropico 1 was amazing.

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  Ya i just gave it a solid couple hours of play and its not as fun as i was hoping it would be. I will still play it in full, but i don't see me getting to far into it before it gets old. Lots of little quality of life things that are implemented well -- setting wags/rent on all buildings of the same type instead of individually-- but there are also many little things that needed better UI support. And sadly the create a dictator was very unimpressive once i got to look at it. The options of qualities and negatives on your leaders personalities just seem arbitrary and can be easily neutralized if you pick the right ones, leaving you with no bonuses or negatives. The part that got me down on it was how the bigger things like building a military, banning booze starting a racial war didn't show any effect other then you clicked a button and a check box was marked. There was very little i saw on screen that made my choices visible and obvious to look at, so i never felt like my decisions made any kind of difference on my island other then a check box now being marked.
The biggest surprise for me was how much is in the demo, its pretty much every thing but 5-6 buildings. I like the humor in the game and the general theme so i know i will have fun with it, but i don't see me getting hooked on it and playing it forever like i was hoping too. I'm sure after i get one or two uber built cities i will shelf the game and not think of it again. Time will tell, and until then Happy dictatoring all!

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Downloading now

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