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The most elder of the known races in the Myth universe, the Trow were formed from earth and clay by the goddess Nyx near the dawn of the world. They have watched many civilizations prosper and fade over the course of their countless years, and have been responsible themselves for the extinction of at least three races. Being ageless and ancient, their behavior often seems alien and strangely detached to outsiders, and they frequently refuse to concern themselves with matters outside their own borders, leading many to view them as fatalistic. When a Trow is spurred to battle, however, there are few sights more terrible. Standing three times the height of any normal man, the colossal Trow cause fatal injuries with each strike from their massive limbs.


The Trow of old were a peaceful society, dedicating almost the entirety of their time and efforts to the construction of massive temple complexes in veneration to their goddess and creator, Nyx. Though they viewed the younger races as primitive, they were content to leave them to their own devices, focusing mainly on their own insular society. The Trow often refer to this time as the Golden Age, as it is seen as the most idyllic period in their history. This was not to last, however, as their tranquil existence would be shattered abruptly when a neighboring race called the Sileh'hei, who coveted their land, attacked them without warning. Seeing their brethren die for the first time in their existence, the Trow turned to their goddess for aid, and hearing their plea, Nyx showed them how to forge iron. Armed as they were, they successfully defended their homes from the Sileh'hei attack. Their anger was not yet sated, however, and they pursued the Sileh'hei to their mountain homes, slaying them to the last.

A Trow clad in iron
A Trow clad in iron

In light of the Sileh'hei attack, the Trow began to turn their attention outward as their disinterest in other species turned to contempt. Seeing that the Callieach had grown significantly in the ways of magic, they came to the conclusion that this knowledge should be their own, and so began a long and bloody war between the two societies, with many casualties on both sides. In the end, the Callieach realized that even their magic could not overcome the Trow, and in one last act of defiance killed themselves and many of their attackers with a massive magical outburst, scarring the landscape and leaving behind the Great Devoid. By this time, most races were careful to give the Trow a wide berth and refrain from any activities that might draw their attention, lest they fate of the Sileh'hei and the Callieach become their own.

With their recent successes in battle, the Trow began replacing the stone of their temples with iron bestowed upon them by Nyx, cutting down forests at an alarming rate to fuel massive iron forges, displacing both the Forest Giants and the fir'Bolg in the process. Their dedication to their patroness grew so strong that another of their neighbors, the Oghres, began to ridicule them, calling them the "consorts of Nyx." This slight was all that was necessary for the Trow to return to war once again. Perhaps as ironic punishment for their insult, the Trow did not kill the Oghres, but rather enslaved them to work in their mines and construct their temples. Over time the Trow would come to rely less and less on their own handiwork and more on that of their slaves. For this reason the enslavement of the Oghres is usually seen as the endpoint of the great Trow civilization of old.

The Trow agree to assist in combating Soulblighter.
The Trow agree to assist in combating Soulblighter.

With the rise of Connacht the Wolf during the Wind Age, the Trow would finally be repaid for their years of brutality. After allying with Moagim the Faceless Terror for reasons unknown, the Trow would find themselves the target of the great hero Connacht, who first incited their slaves to rebel, which forced the Trow to turn their attention away from the Cath Bruig Empire toward their own home. They succeeded in subduing the Oghre Rebellion by extinguishing their entire race, but in doing so gave Connacht enough time to enact his plan. Using an artifact known as the Sun Hammer, he melted the cyclopean iron temples of the Trow into the ice of Avernus and the Twelve Duns, encasing their race inside.

The Trow would remain frozen in the ice until the appearance of Balor, the dark reincarnation of Connacht, who released them on condition that they aid him. Thus, the ancient colossi would go to war against man once more, fighting during the Great War at the side of the Fallen Lords. After Balor's unlikely defeat, they returned immediately to their ruined cities in the north, having no personal interest in continuing to fight. The only break in their isolation would come sixty years later, when The Deceiver convinced them to help the Light retake the city of Muirthemne and fend off the advances of Soulblighter, though only for one year. They would return to their territory thereafter, and it is likely that they are now more interested in rebuilding their temples than concerning themselves with worldly matters.

Racial Characteristics

Trow stand roughly eighteen feet tall on average, with one of their most distinctive physical traits being their huge elephantine feet. Being immortal, Trow do not require food, though they can consume it. They can be harmed normally just as any mortal race, but once gravely harmed they will turn back into the stone from whence they were formed and eventually crumble entirely. Trow have no known means of reproduction, and are assumed thus to be finite in number, which accounts at least partially for their reluctance to involve themselves in the wars of other races. They do not generally share their views with outsiders, though it is apparent that the Trow are proud of their unique status among the races of Myth to the point of being somewhat dismissive of others.

Role in the Series

Along with Forest Giants, to whom they are functionally identical, Trow are the single strongest melee unit in the Myth series, capable of killing most normal units with a single attack. Their health is also much higher than any other unit, which is augmented by resistances to explosions and elemental attacks. Due to their large size and slow attack speed, they are highly susceptible to swarming tactics by fast-moving, fast-attacking units like the Myrkridia, who can make short work of a Trow should they surround one. In addition, once a Trow has been reduced to 25% health, it will turn to stone and be unable to attack, meaning it's effective health is only 75% of its maximum. Trow are best used in conjunction with other melee units in order to prevent opposing melee units from being able to properly surround and kill them.

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