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    Troy Bradshaw

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    First appears in Saints Row. Troy Bradshaw is one of Julius' top dogs in the 3rd Street Saints. Secretly an undercover cop, he appears all over the place helping you take out every gang.

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    Troy Bradshaw is introduced in Saints Row as a high-ranking member of Julius Little's gang, the Third Street Saints. In the beginning of Saints Row, Troy and Julius save the life of the main character and accept him as a member of the Saints. Julius later assigns Troy to defeat the Vice Kings gang, but he refuses, possibly due to their connections to the Stilwater Police Department. Instead, he assists the main character in bringing down Los Carnales and the Westside Rollerz. Once all the gangs are eliminated from Stilwater, Troy reveals he's a police officer and arrests Julius. The two make a deal; Mayor Winslow will pardon Julius if he can convince Johnny Gat and the main character to quit. Unbeknownst to Troy, he instead attempts to kill the main character with a boat explosion that results in the death of Alderman Richard Hughes and puts the protagonist in a coma.

    In Saints Row 2, Troy replaces the deceased Chief Monroe as Police Chief of Stilwater, a job that many people feel unsafe about due to his undercover work for many years. As Chief, he helps Dane Vogel and the Ultor Corporation try to clean the streets of Saints Row and the other Stilwater districts. The main character never sees Troy in person during the storyline missions, but he is an unlockable Homie after completing six levels of the Prison Fight Club activity.

    In Saints Row: The Third, it is revealed that Troy allows the Saints to give the Police Department a monthly bribe to keep them from arresting the Saints for their criminal deeds. Because the game takes place in the city of Steelport, however, and Troy remains Chief of Police in Stilwater, Troy does not actually appear.


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