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Troy "Catscratch" Carter joins Christopher "Maverick" Blair when he arrives on the TCS Lexington at the beginning of the Border Worlds Conflict. Carter clearly looks up to Blair and follows him when Blair leaves the Lexington for the BWS Intrepid and the Border Worlds Forces. On the Intrepid, Carter forms a close relationship with the communications officer, Lt. Velina Sosa.

After being advised on flying style by another veteran pilot, Todd "Maniac" Marshall, Carter is forced to eject while trying to retrieve a communications satellite. After being rescued by Blair, Carter is given a public dressing down for flying recklessly and thus failing his important mission.


During the Circe VI mission, the player as Blair can choose to either go rescue Catscratch, or allow him to die. Unless the player rescues him in time, he will permanently be removed from the list of available wingmen.

Carter is portrayed by Actor Mark Dacascos

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