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 This is how the gameplay looks like
 This is how the gameplay looks like
In this iPhone game player is flinging different kinds of trucks from the ramp at constructions with the goal of destroying every skull on the field, while causing as much damage as possible. Bonus points are awarded for every unused truck. Whole game is in Heavy Metal style, from the design of trucks and levels, to the music and sound effects.  


Environments (Backgrounds)

 In order from first to last: 
Hell's Highway
Hell's Highway

  • Hell's Highway
  • Haunted Wasteland
  • Industrial Armageddon
  • The Moon
  • Demon Town
  • Icepolis  
  • Monolithic

Types of Trucks

Truck Type
 Thrustmonster Basic truck, speeds up after touching the screen in mid-air.
 Doomstone Heavy truck.
 Bombzilla Releases a bomb after touching the screen in mid-air.
 Insenerator Explodes after touching the screen in mid-air or shortly after impact. 
 Triclops Releases three projectile-like exhausts after touching the screen in mid-air.
 Diveosaurus After touching the screen in mid-air, this trucks spins around and dives straight towards the ground.  

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