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    Trucy Wright

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    Trucy is Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter and one of the main characters of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. She accompanies Apollo Justice throughout the game.

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    Trucy Wright is a young magician-in-training who was adopted by Phoenix Wright. She serves the same purpose as Maya Fey in the first three Ace Attorney games, being a source of a second opinion and comic relief. She also works at the Wright Anything Agency, where Phoenix formerly kept law records and books. 


    Trucy was originally born into the Gramarye family as the daughter of magician Zak Gramarye. He, along with his brother Valant and wife Thasalla, were in a group called "Troupe Gramarye". Trucy wanted to be like her father, so she tried to be a magician ever since she was at a very young age. 
    Zak was later accused of murdering his mentor and father, and was brought into court. Phoenix Wright was his defense attorney, and Trucy gave him forged evidence at the request of Kristoph Gavin. She had no idea what the paper was, but gave it to Phoenix. 
    Zak assured Phoenix that if something did go wrong, they could never find Zak guilty. This was put into plan as Phoenix lost his badge, and Zak did not want to get another defense attorney. He went out, saying, "You cannot find a man guilty if he doesn't exist." In a big puff of smoke, Zak left the courtroom, and Trucy used "The Amazing Mr. Hat" to fool the bailiff Mike Meekins. When Mike entered the room that Trucy ran into, there was no sign of Zak nor the dummy. 
    After Phoenix's defeat, Trucy was without a father. Phoenix decided to take her home and adopt her. She turned Wright & Co. Law Offices into Wright Talent Agency, then Wright Anything Agency after the first name did not work out. 
    Because Trucy's mother was Thasalla, and so was Apollo's, Trucy is Apollo's half sister. When Thasalla regained her memory, she said she will tell the two when the time is right, but it is still not known when.

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