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    Truth or Lies

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 14, 2010

    In Truth or Lies, players join family & friends in roundtable-style gameplay answering an wide array of thought-provoking questions. The game's built-in lie detector will let everyone know if the answers are truthful.

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    The game operates as a lie detector with two game modes. Standard and Hot Seat. 


    In standard each person will receive between three and eight questions per round depending on the game length selected, short, normal or long. There are three rounds and winning each round or game is based on your "truth" answers. The game only awards points for answers it believes are true. You can still get points for answers it deems a lie but only a small fraction of the 1000 possible per question.   Questions are themed based on the following categories chosen at the beginning of the game.
    • Kids
    • Teens
    • Adults
    • Couples
    • Families

    Hot Seat 

    In Hot Seat a person in the room can ask the question and then the player answers into the microphone. The game just acts like a lie detector in this mode and no points are awarded. Each round of Hot Seat is three questions.

    Achievement Points

    Truth or Lies was voted the 2010 Easiest Overall 1000 Points by


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