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    Tseng is the leader of the Turks, and one of the most important villains in Final Fantasy Vll.

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    Tseng is the current leader of The Turks, he is always calm and stern in his decisions. He plays a significant role in the success of the teams tasks and is always looked upon for guidance before missions. Tseng has been a member of The Turks for ten years now even though he is considered very young.

    His first mission as a team leader was aiding Zack Fair in a mission to retrieve Cloud in a non-violent manner. Things didn't go according to plan as a result of Shinra soldiers being present. Slighlty after that incident Tseng was promoted to leader and carried out the will of The Turks. Tseng was almost left for dead on the attack of The Temple of the Ancients, but survived with his life. It is also known that he had a love interest with Aerith Gainsborough when they first met.

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