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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 29, 2000

    Tsukihime is a Japanese eroge dōjin visual novel game created by Type-Moon

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    Tsukihime is a visual novel that was the first game developed by the then doujin group Type-Moon and was released for the PC at Winter Comiket in 2000. The game was an enormous success and Type-Moon soon became one of the most important figures in Otaku culture in Japan. Tsukihime would later spawn several adoptions in other medians, fan-discs, a sequel called Kagetsu Tohya, and even a fighting game called Melty Blood which featured several characters from Tsukihime. A remake of Tsukihime was announced in 2008 by Type-Moon and will feature redone artwork as well as new story elements but a release date has still yet to be announced.

    Tsukihime was never officially released in any other languages besides Japanese but in 2006 a group named Mirror Moon created an English fan translation patch for the game.


    The story revolves around the main character being able to see lines in every obejct which allows him to cut them completely to pieces with absolutely no resistance. One day he sees a girl in a park and sees her lines and cuts her apart, this girl turns out to be a vampire who enlists his aid to kill the last few renegade vampires still left. A romantic relationship evolves between these two characters, also the main character's sister, the two maids, and another girl.

    Multiple Endings

    Every single girl character has an ending linked to them along with a "good" and "bad" ending for each girl. There is also a "real" ending for the three main female characters


    • The title "Tsukithime" can be literally translated from Japanese to "moon princess" referring to the main character Arcueid Brunestud.

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