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An old aged classic

This is the visual novel that got huge success for TYPE-MOON. and pretty much launched them from a small company into what they are today. That being said Tsukhime, has really shown it's age. With ten pieces of music and the quality of the sprites and CGs, Tsukihime really shows that a small company made it.
However this does not damage the great interlocking story with multiply paths, or the great cast of characters at all. Tsukihime's story of the main character either finding himself thrust into a mysterious world of magic and vampires (The Near-Side route) or finding about his dark and troubled past while dealing with the remnants of the dark past of the Tohno's (the Far-Side route), Nasu Kinoko manages to create a huge and expansive universe with really excellent characters.
Your millage may vary on Nasu's "ability" to write H-Scenes, but his unique writing style is something to experience. Overall this is a true classic. With a sequel (Kagetsu Tohya) and multiple fighting game spin-offs (Melty Blood Series) this franchise has shown how to live on for a entire decade and then some. A prequel is on the way (Mahou Tsukai no Yoru) along with, to celebrate its tenth anniversary, a totally remake of the game. No, Tsukihime is far from being over and this is beginning of it all and I recommend that everyone should read it at least once.
 An English translation patch for Tsukihime has been made by mirror moon, so there's no reason to delay from reading this.


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