Tuff E Nuff

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 26, 1993

    A fighting game for the SNES from Jaleco, taking place in a post-apocalyptic future as four heroes fight to determine who's tough enough to take on the Fighting King.

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    Tuff E Nuff (known in Japan as Dead Dance, and also known as Hey Punk! Are You Tuff E Nuff?) is a 2D fighting game developed and published by Jaleco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan (on March 26, 1993), North America (on September 1993), and Europe.

    Set in the post-apocalyptic future after the Great War of 2151, the game follows four great champions as they fight in a large coliseum to determine who enters the great Tower of the Fighting King and defeat his six minions (before taking on the Fighting King himself).


    The main four characters are the only characters playable in the game's Story Mode. When players select a fighter in that mode, they fight against the others as the game's first three opponents. In Versus Modes, players can only do mirror matches with a cheat code.

    The following seven characters are only playable in the game's Versus Modes with a cheat code. In Story Mode, each of them are played against in a specific order:

    • Beans - An American punk and street fighting champion.
    • Dolf - A Libyan mercenary who fights with both a bowie knife and a rocket launcher.
    • Rei - A Japanese kenpo practitioner with a wide variety of magical attacks.
    • Gajet - A mysterious wrestler who acquired a taste for killing. A "head swap" of Vortz, sharing most of the same movelist with him.
    • Sirou - A Japanese ninja who fights with a large sword. Does not have kick attacks and, despite having low attacks, cannot crouch.
    • K's - A German fighter with powerful bionic arms. Has no basic kick attacks on the ground.
    • Jade - Known as Jado in the Japanese version. A mysterious armored warrior and the self-proclaimed "Fighting King". Despite having low attacks, he cannot crouch.

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