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    Tunnels of Doom

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 1982

    Tunnels of Doom is a very early Dungeons and Dragons-inspired dungeon crawler featuring support for both single-character and party-based play.

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    Tunnels of Doom uses a first-person perspective during corridor exploration, and a top-down grid-based view during room exploration and combat. The player can choose to use between one and four characters; classes available include Fighter, Wizard, and Rogue. If the player chooses to play with only one character, that character can use the special "Hero" class, which possesses the abilities of all three classes. The dungeons are randomly-generated and can range between one and ten floors in size, specified by the player.

    Besides dungeon exploration, a variety of other points of interest exist in the dungeon, such as shops, fountains, vaults, living statues, and treasures.

    Pennies and Prizes

    Tunnels of Doom also included a special no-combat game mode intended for children called "Pennies and Prizes." In this mode, there are no monsters, weapons or items to worry about, and dungeons are limited to a maximum of four floors. The goal of this mode is simply to traverse the dungeon's various rooms and floors to locate eight quest objects.


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