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    Former member of the Sarafan Brotherhood and Kain's second son. Turel, along with Dumah, cast Raziel into the abyss.

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    A Sarafan warrior priest during normal life, he was slain by the wraith Raziel in Soul Reaver 2.  Turel was resurrected a millenium later as one of Kain's strongest lieutenants and helped cast the vampire Raziel into the Abyss. Over the following centuries, he devolved into a huge creature with incredible strength. He was summoned into the past by Azimuth the Planar and was trapped under Avernus Cathedral. He was possessed by the Hylden, and had a legion of worshippers who called him Hash'ak'gik. Raziel came across this beast during the events of Defiance and slays him to complete his revenge on his brethren. He also gains enhanced telekinetic powers as a result.

    He was voiced by Richard Doyle in Soul Reaver 2 and by Gregg Berger in Defiance.


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