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Turma da Mônica em O Resgate (Mônica's Gang in: The Rescue) was a game released only in Brazil by Tec Toy, the national based distributor of SEGA products. It consists of a ROM hack of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, inserting characters from the popular comic book series instead of the original cast of characters from Wonder Boy.

The story picks up when the main character from the comics, Mônica, is kidnapped by an evil dragon called Gospe Fogo (literally, Spit Fire) and is sent to another dimension. Before disappearing, however, Mônica manages to send a message to their friends claiming Capitão Feio (Captain Ugly), one of the comic book's only vilains, is behind everything.

For each character of the original Wonder Boy III game, another from the comic book was introduced. The abilities were renamed in order to fit their function to the core group (name of character- weapons and abilities - original character):

Mônica - her stuffed rabbit Sansão and a shield - Hu-Man
Chico Bento - shotgun - Lizard Man
Bidu - bone and shielf; can walk on walls - Mouse Man
Cebolinha - sword and shield; arch move - Lion Man
Anjinho - fire sword and shielf; fly ability - Hawk Man

In conjunction with a new cast of characters, the game introduced its own changes to the swords that can be acquired. The possibility of equipping magical items is retained in this game from the original Wonder Boy, with various bonus effects depending on what is used by the group of characters during the game.

The differences in names are as follow for the 'powers' acquired throughout the game (Turma da Mônica name/Wonder Boy III name):

Sun Power - Legendary Sword
Thunder Power - Thunder Sword
Star Power - Ivory Sword
Earth Power - Magical Sword
Wind Power - Mithril Sword
Moon Power - Lucky Sword
Rain Power - Shogun Blade
Plant Power - Ninja Blade
Crystal Power - Crystal Sword
Moutnain Power - Kashmir Sword

Along with Turma da Mônica em O Resgate, there is another game for the Master System using these comic book series' characters, based on an authorized rom hack of wonder Boy in Monster World, called Mônica no Castelo do Dragão (Mônica in the Dragon's Castle).

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