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    Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Feb 26, 2008

    What if Winston Churchill was killed in an accident before World War II began? What if the war wouldn't have ended? Spark Unlimited's Turning Point adds an alternate history scenario to the well-populated subgenre.

    zeus_gb's Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (PC) review

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    Way too short and a technically broken game

    You're a construction worker called Carson. You start the game at the top of a sky scraper that's under construction and you quickly see the start of the Nazi invasion. You decide to fight back and join up with the resistance.

    Good things:

    The games premise.

    Great explosions.

    Decent enough music.

    First sequence is impressive.

    Bad things:

    Really really short singeplayer campaign.

    Technically broken (Slowdowns, texture glitches, in game loading times etc).

    Terrible hit detection.

    Game world isn't very interactive.

    Bad weapon sounds.

    Bad voice acting.


    I found the games premise to be interesting and I makes you think about a lot of things. What would have happened if Churchill had died? or if Kennedy had lived? Unfortunately that aspect of the premise is never explored, it's just something you see in the intro.

    One thing I do like about the game is the explosions. The explosions are look really cool and sound the part as well. I think the explosions are only of the only redeeming factors in the whole.

    The musical score isn't half bad either, it blends well with the game but doesn't seem to stand out.

    Out of the whole game the first sequence when you see the invasion is the best part of the whole game. Nazi planes flying over head, blimps in the distance, explosions, people screaming, planes flying between sky scrapers. In short the first sequence is awesome, it's a shame that such a promising start leads to repetitive and dull shooter.

    Err.....where's the rest of the game? You thought COD4 was short well then you've seen nothing yet. A person who is familiar with FPS games will be finishing this game in three to four hours. At the end I felt like i'd just played an expansion pack.

    Technically the game is broken, very broken. There are numerous texture glitches in the game and some of the textures are just down right awful.

    It's not just the textures that look awful the animation of the characters is awful they act like characters from a game that's several years old and the facial animation is just as bad.

    During the course of a level the game stops dead and the hard drive gets thrashed while it loads more game data, there is no warning the game just stops for several seconds. Another annoying technical problem is the game slows down in random places for no discernible reason. My PC can run Crysis on high so this leads me to believe that the optimisation on this game is quite frankly pants.

    Hit! The hit detection on this game is beyond awful, how is it that they can shoot me but I can't shoot them? Answer is I don't know there just seems to be an invisible wall. Why can they shoot me through a window but I can only shoot them through small panes in the glass that are broken? I know maybe it's a small force field or maybe it's just bad design but it's still annoying.

    For the past couple of years now we've been really spoilt with FPS games that have interactive worlds. Crysis with it's destructible environments, COD4 with the ability to shoot through walls and now there's Turning Point with the ability to shoot glasses on a table. OK joking a side now there isn't a great deal you can interact with in the environment, shoot a few glasses, shoot a window perhaps, this lack of interactivity makes the world feel stale and completely without life.

    Good weapon sounds are a must in any FPS game and that's another area that Turning Point leaves unticked. The weapons sound like you're firing stud guns, even the Garand doesn't have the familiar clang when the mag runs out. Maybe it's just because i'm part of the generation that loved the first games in the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty franchises but the clang is important.

    If anyone knows anything about my reviews they'd know that I hate bad voice acting and I will always call a game up on it if I think it's bad. Well Turning Point it's your turn now. The voice acting in the game is dull, uninspired and quite frankly doesn't make me care about any of the people in the game.

    Just like most FPS games released in recent years there's a multiplayer. Well there would be if there were any servers available! I tried to access multiplayer and it seems that no one is playing it...can't say I blame them.

    Overall this title is a lacklustre unoptimised port of a thoroughly awful console game. In my opinion this is a step back in the genre don't play it and if you see it on the store shelf runaway as fast as you can!

    Review system: QX6850 Extreme (3.0GHz Quad Core), 4GB RAM, 768MB Geforce 8800GTX, SB Audigy 2 ZS and XP SP2.

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