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    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Oct 21, 1998

    Joshua Fireseed, inheritor of the mantle of "Turok", must fight his way through the Lost Lands to defeat the Primagen (an ancient evil alien who seeks to rule the universe).

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    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (known in Japan as Violence Killer: Turok New Generation) is a sci-fi first-person shooter developed by Iguana and published for the Nintendo 64 in North America (by Acclaim on October 21, 1998), Europe (by Acclaim on December 10, 1998), and Japan (by Gemzi on June 18, 1999). It was also ported to the PC and released in North America on February 9, 1999 and in Europe sometime in 1999.

    The sequel to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Seeds of Evil takes place over a century after Turok warrior Tal'Set defeated the cyborg tyrant known as the Campaigner and destroyed the Chronoscepter to prevent its misuse (unknowingly awakening an ancient evil known as the Primagen). Players control one of Tal'Sets descendants: the Native American warrior Joshua Fireseed (who is the protagonist of the Turok comic series and novels since the original game's release) as he helps the Elders of the Lost Land prevent the Primagen's minions from destroying the Energy Totems that keep the Primagen from powering his Lightship. Guiding him is an alien liaison known as Adon, Speaker of Forever Light.

    Along with Expansion Pak support (which allows players to enable a high-resolution graphics mode) and Rumble Pak support, the Nintendo 64 version of the game includes a new split-screen multiplayer mode, where up to four players can compete in an arena setting in one of several customizable game modes. The PC version includes online multiplayer support for up to 16 players. The game's multiplayer was the basis for the game's multiplayer-based spin-off Turok: Rage Wars.

    The game later received a re-mastered PC port by Nightdive. Built on the Kex Engine (previously used for the modern port of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) and digitally released on March 16, 2017, this port features a new graphics renderer (with new effects), a new UI system, compatibility for modern systems, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and re-mastered multiplayer (including support for split-screen mode). This version was later ported to the Xbox One on March 2, 2018, to the Mac and Linux on September 11, 2018, and to the Nintendo Switch on August 9, 2019 (with a limited-edition physical release by Limited Run on August 16, 2019).

    The handheld Game Boy Color version of the game, developed by Bit Managers, was released in North America (on October 1998) and Europe (on December 1998). Other than the same name and box art, it is not a direct adaptation of the main game and instead follows a new side-scrolling platforming adventure (based on the engine used for the Game Boy port of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter). Players control Joshua as he prevents a legion of Dinosoids (known as the "Amaranthine Accordance") from conquering Earth.


    Level 1: Port of Adia - A once bustling coastal city that has been devastated by the invading Dinosoids.

    Level 2: River of Souls - The water that flows through this river is imbued with the power of death itself, making travelling along it incredibly dangerous.

    Level 3: The Death Marshes - An ancient swamp that is home to more than one sentient race that wishes to see Turok dead.

    Level 4: The Lair of the Blind Ones - A pitch-black series of tunnels where eyeless creatures who have evolved perfect adaptation to the dark have an advantage over Turok.

    Level 5: Hive of the Mantids - The enormous labyrinthine home of a race of sentient insectoids who don't like mammals very much.

    Level 6: Primagen's Lightship - The starship the Primagen used to escape his home dimension eons ago, which crashed into the Lost Lands and was sealed under a magical barrier by the Lazarus Concordance, in order to prevent the Primagen from escaping and enslaving all life.


    • Talons - Starting weapon in single-player. The game's standard close-range melee weapon, good for clearing out weaker enemies. Can be used underwater.
    • War Blade - An upgraded version of the Talons, dealing additional damage per swing. Can be used underwater. In the PC and Remastered version, this weapon is a starting weapon in multiplayer.
    • Raptor Claws - Exclusive to Multiplayer as the only weapon usable by the Raptor.
    • Bow (Arrows) - Starting weapon in single-player. The game's standard long-range weapon, allowing players to charge up their shot (drawing back the bow) for additional distance and damage. Players can pick up arrows they fired from surfaces and enemies.
    • Flare Gun - Starting weapon in single-player. Launches a flare that, while dealing no damage, lights up dark areas. It has unlimited charges that recharge over time.
    • Crossbow - Exclusive to Multiplayer (as a starting weapon). Similar to the Bow, but cannot charge (instead having rapid-fire capability) and has infinite ammo. In the PC and Remastered version, it works underwater.
    • Harpoon Gun (Spears) - Only usable underwater. Fires simple harpoons. In the N64 version, this weapon is a starting weapon (with infinite ammo) in multiplayer. Players can pick up spears they fired from surfaces and enemies.
    • Torpedo Launcher (Torpedoes) - Only usable underwater. Fires powerful exploding torpedoes. Having the Launcher equipped allows the player to swim faster with the built-in propeller.
    • Tek Bow (Arrows / Tek Arrows) - Upgraded version of the Bow. Has a faster charge-up time, is compatible with Sniper Mode, and has the ability to launch Tek Arrows which explode on impact (at the cost of less range).
    • Pistol (Bullets) - Standard semi-automatic firearm that, while weak, is easily controllable for less wasteful ammo consumption.
    • Mag 60 (Bullets) - Upgraded version of the Pistol. Fires in three-round bursts.
    • Assault Rifle (Bullets) - N64 version only and exclusive to Multiplayer. Fires in three-round bursts. Can be found in rare occasions in the Remastered version's Rok Mix mode.
    • Shotgun (Shells / Explosive Shells) - Standard pump-action double-barreled shotgun that can fire two types of ammunition: standard shotgun shells (which is better for close range due to scatter) and slugs that explode on impact.
    • Shredder (Shells / Explosive Shells) - Upgraded version of the Shotgun. Fires supercharged shots that ricochet off of surfaces. Standard shots fire multiple multiple projectiles while explosive shots fire a single projectile (that explodes on every ricochet).
    • Tranq Rifle (Darts) - Fires tranquilizer darts that, while dealing no damage, puts almost any enemy to a temporal sleep. Despite its appearance, it cannot be used in Sniper Mode.
    • Charge Dart Rifle (Charge Darts) - Upgraded version of the Tranq Rifle. Fires electrified darts that paralyzes enemies for a short time (dealing some damage in the process). Can be charged with additional darts to increase the stun time.
    • Plasma Rifle (Plasma Rounds) - Fires accurate bursts of damaging plasma (at 5 Rounds per shot), similar to a railgun. Compatible with Sniper Mode.
    • Firestorm Cannon (Plasma Rounds) - A high-powered rapid-fire plasma gatling gun.
    • Sunfire Pod (Pods) - Odd natural growths found only in the Lost Lands, players can throw them as "flashbang" grenades (as they release a quick burst of incredibly bright light when broken). Most enemies can be temporarily blinded (while dealing some damage), while the Blind Ones are killed instantly (as their sensitivity to light causes their heads to burst into flames).
    • Cerebral Bore (Bores) - Once a compatible enemy is locked-on, this unique launcher can fire a probe that automatically flies onto that enemy's head and drills into their skull before exploding violently (in a lengthy and violent insta-kill). Cannot be used on enemies with protective headgear or non-sentient enemies with no brain activity.
    • P.F.M. Layer (Proximity Fragmentation Mines) - Deploys proximity mines that explode when enemies get close enough.
    • Grenade Launcher (Grenades) - Fires a single explosive grenade that explodes after a few seconds (or on impact with an enemy).
    • Scorpion Launcher (Scorpion Missiles, in packs of 3) - Fires three powerful missiles back-to-back. Can be locked on to a single enemy.
    • Flamethrower (Flamethrower Tanks) - Launches a continuous stream of superheated fuel that sets enemies on fire.
    • Razor Wind - A mystical buzzsaw-shaped chakram that is thrown at a straight line, damaging (and even severing limbs of) enemies in its path and ricocheting off of walls before returning to the player. Infinite use.
    • Nuke - Judged by the Lazarus Concordence to be too powerful to allow anyone to use, this portable Weapon of Mass Destruction was broken into pieces, which were then scattered across the Lost Land, and Turok must find each and every piece in order to use it. The Nuke takes a very long time to charge up before firing, and ammo is very rare, but when it finally goes off, watch out. It fires a bullet into whatever it's pointed at that triggers an enormous energy burst which instantly incinerates every single enemy in the area, leaving behind crispy statues of ash in the shape of the enemies, yet is handily harmless to Turok.


    Yellow Health -- Raises health by 100 points (Ultra Health)

    Red Health -- Raises health to 100 points

    Blue Health -- Raises health 10 points

    Silver Health -- Raises health 10 points

    Satchel Charge -- Used to destroy objectives

    Level Key -- Found in every level, used to open up new levels

    Red Life Force -- Gives 10 life force points (100 points will earn an extra life)

    Yellow Life Force -- Gives 1 life force point (100 points will earn an extra life)

    Eagle Feather -- Take them to Talisman Chambers to receive a special ability

    Primagen Key -- Needed to open up the door in the center of the HUB.

    Cave Door Key -- Used to unlock caves in the Lair of the Blind Ones



    Raptoid -- A lizard-humanoid hybrid equipped with basic weapons.

    Endtrail -- A lizard-humanoid hybrid equipped with advanced weapons.

    Fireborn -- A lizard-humanoid hybrid that has various flame-type attacks.


    Compy -- The tiny Compsognathus aren't much of a threat individually, but they always travel in groups.

    Raptor -- Classic dinosaur enemy, very fast and lethal if not taken down quickly. Smart enough to allow for Cerebral Bore lock.

    Dimorphodon -- Murderous creatures that can fly and attack quickly.

    The Blind Ones

    Sentinel -- Standard minion equipped with an axe and grenades.

    Guardian -- Guardians are equpped with a crossbow to take Turok down at range.

    Pur-Linn Warriors

    War Club -- Standard Pur-Linn that uses mostly physical attacks.

    Gunner -- A smaller Pur-Linn equipped with a Gatling gun

    Juggernaut -- The largest of the species equipped with a giant sword.

    The Deadkin

    Deadman -- A zombie-like creature that can either attack in melee combat or throw one of its ribs. If blown in half, it will crawl towards Turok in an attempt to deal more damage.

    Lord of the Dead -- Larger than the standard deadman, these guys have fireballs as well as melee combat.

    Sister of Despair -- These creatures are essentially floating torsos that cast energy skulls at Turok.

    The Mantids

    Mite -- Smaller creatures that crave the delicious taste of Human feet.

    Worker -- Standard Mantid that attacks with their claws.

    Drone -- Equipped with a jetpack and a laser rifle, a drone can fly as it chooses and do a great deal of damage.

    Soldier -- Large cockroach-looking creature. They are equipped with laser rifles and plasma balls.

    The Primagen's Personal Minions

    Trooper -- Well-armored mutants equipped with a laser rifle and mini-gun.

    Bio-Bot -- These creatures are cyborgs equipped with a laser rifle.

    Elite Guard -- The most power minion, these are much larger troopers equipped with a mini-gun.

    The Flesh Eaters

    Sentinel -- Standard mutant-looking creature equipped with a sword and grenades.

    Death Guard -- Standard mutant-looking creature equipped with a sword and a rifle.

    Lord of the Flesh -- The toughest of the Flesh Eaters, cast spell like attacks.

    Unaffiliated Enemies

    Leaper -- A dog-like creature that can approach quickly for heavy damage.

    Cave Worm -- A large greyish worm that comes up from the ground.

    Fire Worm -- Slightly smaller than the cave worm, they can appear from the ground and attack with fireballs.

    Skimmer -- These are essentially smaller green snakes, always travel in groups.

    Cave Spider (Infant) -- Smaller spiders, usually don't appear alone.

    Cave Spider (Adult) -- Much bigger and more damaging that an infant, these spiders are fast and can spit venom at Turok.

    Swamp Wasp -- A smaller wasp that can sting Turok for a low amount of damage.


    In the N64 version, players can choose whether certain weapons spawn (Charge Dart Rifle, Firestorm, Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Cerebral Bore, Grenade Launcher, Scorpion Launcher, and Torpedo Launcher).


    The game includes 11 playable characters, each with their own unique stats and abilities. Stats and abilities (other than Raptor's and Iggy's) were removed in the Remastered version.

    • Adon - Automatically regenerates health. Lowest maximum health. Stronger damage resistance. Faster movement speed.
    • Gant - Automatically regenerates health. Lower maximum health. Faster movement speed.
    • Flash Eater - Starts with a Shotgun (PC version only). Higher maximum health. Stronger damage resistance.
    • Purr-Linn - Starts with a Shotgun (PC version only). Highest maximum health. Slowest movement speed.
    • Endtrail - Weaker damage resistance. Faster movement speed.
    • Fireborn - Resistant to lava. Weaker damage resistance. Faster movement speed.
    • Iggy - Face texture randomly cycles through members of the development team.
    • Campaigner - Higher maximum health. Stronger damage resistance.
    • Raptor - Starts with only the Raptor Claws and cannot use weapons. Improved jump height. Fastest movement speed.

    Game Modes

    • Blood Lust - Standard deathmatch. Score points by killing enemies. Has a team-based variant (with two teams, Red and Blue) called Team Blood. Known in the PC and Remastered versions as Rok Match (with the team variant as Team Rok Match). The PC version later received two additional variants: Rok CTF Match and Team Rok CTF Match (both played on Capture the Flag stages).
    • Frag Tag - N64 and Remastered versions only. Throughout the game, a random player turns into a weaponless monkey and must find a special talisman to change themselves back to normal (forcing another random player to become the monkey). Score points by turning back to normal (as the monkey) or killing a monkey (as the other players).
    • Arena - PC version only. Round-based deathmatch where two players duel in the arena. First player to reach the score limit wins the round and continues to the next round (with the loser returning to the queue). Has a team-based variant called Team Arena. The PC version later received two additional variants: Rok Arena and Team Rok Arena (both played on Rok Match stages).
    • Capture the Flag - PC version only. Standard capture the flag. Score points by grabbing an enemy flag and returning it to base (with their flag intact).
    • Last Turok Standing - Remastered version only. Round-based last man standing, where players cannot respawn. Players spawn with 250 HP and a variety of additional weapons (Tek Bow, Mag 60, Shotgun, Shredder, Charge Dart Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Firestorm Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Scorpion Launcher, and Flamethrower), all with maximum ammo. All pickup spawns are disabled. Score points for winning each round.
    • Rok Mix - Remastered version only. Deathmatch with a twist: players spawn with a random weapon (including those found in Single-player and unique variants). Weapon and ammo spawns are disabled.
    • Insta Rok - Remastered version only. Added on June 27, 2017. Deathmatch mode with a twist: each player spawns with only a Plasma Rifle with infinite ammo and have only a single hit point. All pickup spawns are disabled.
    • Raptor Fest - Remastered version only. Added on June 27, 2017. Throughout the game, A.I. controlled Raptors spawn in the arena. Score points by killing Raptors.


    N64 Version

    • Bullseye (added in the Remastered version on April 10, 2017)
    • Close Quartered (supported in Frag Tag as "Madhouse!", also added as "Endangered Species" in the Remastered version on June 27, 2017)
    • Crazy Eight (supported in Frag Tag as "Y.N.G.W.T.S.F.", also added in the Remastered version on April 10, 2017)
    • Escheria (supported in Frag Tag as "Primattica", also added in the Remastered version on June 27, 2017)
    • Fish in a Barrel
    • Experimentata (added in the Remastered version on April 10, 2017)
    • H 2 Whoa! (supported in Frag Tag as "Sneaks 'n' Ladders", also included in the Remastered version)
    • MirrororriM (supported in Frag Tag as "Snap")
    • Moonlit Mayhem (added in the Remastered version on June 27, 2017)
    • Mosh Crypt (supported in Frag Tag as "Crossfire", also included in the Remastered version)
    • Squares Cubed
    • Teleportastic
    • Vulcan's Forge (included in the Remastered version)

    PC Version (Rok Match)

    • Caves1
    • Caves2
    • Caves3
    • City1
    • City2
    • City3
    • City4 (included in the Remastered version)
    • City5 (included in the Remastered version)
    • Harbor1
    • Harbor2
    • Harbor3
    • Harbor5
    • Harbor6
    • Harbor9 (included in the Remastered version)
    • Marshes1
    • Marshes5 (included in the Remastered version)
    • Primagen1
    • Temple

    PC Version (Arena)

    • Blind One's Den
    • The Cave
    • The City
    • The Control Room
    • The Harbor
    • The Hive
    • The Marsh
    • Mother Arena
    • The Queen's Lair
    • Tailsman Room
    • Twong's Spire

    PC Version (Capture the Flag)

    • The City
    • The Graveyard
    • The Hive
    • The Marshes
    • The Swamp

    Remastered Exclusive

    • Caverns
    • Lair of Oblivion

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