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    Turok is a series of sci-fi first-person shooters.

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    Turok, originally a comic book franchise, is a series of sci-fi based first person shooters which made its first notable appearance on the Nintendo 64 with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.  The series continued on the Nintendo 64 with the last one being Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.  By the time that game was released, it received much praise and was considered a classic series on the Nintendo 64.  A trademark of the Turok series has always been its Native American protagonist.  Different protagonists have been featured in the various games of the series, but all of them have been of Native American descent. 


    A well known quality of the Turok franchise was it's extensive line-up of various weapons.  A signature weapon of the series has been the bow and arrow which is tied to the Native American theme of the games.  The rest of the weapons are very sci-fi based and many exaggerated in size, damage, and their style of doing damage.  Weapons range from pistols, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, chain guns, and various sci-fi based weapons.


    Dinosaurs have played a key role in the Turok franchise.  A major theme since it's days in the comics, dinosaurs have always been the central enemy in all the Turok games.  It's the only thing that has stayed consistent across all games in the franchise outside of the bow and arrow.  Often, especially in the later games, mutated dinosaurs that behave or act human-like are seen and make up a majority of the enemies alongside normal dino's.


    Turok has one more central theme and that is it's setting.  The games take place in some "lost" world that is either on Earth or another planet.  This allows the setting to justify having dinosaurs running around.  A good time is spent in any of the games in a jungle environment which also ties back to the "lost" world that has run wild with rain forest and creatures.  The other major settings are usually futuristic and technologically based.  The environment usually contains within it what seems like ancient locations.  The games have very little ties to the modern world.

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